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The power of being passionate about sales and how to keep it alive

There are few things more tedious than sitting through a bad sales pitch. Humanity has not yet evolved past the need for an emotional connection, and therefore when confronted with a robotic run-down of a product’s features, we become inevitably bored and disinterested, no matter how amazing the product may be.

Modern Sales Management

When talking about the “modern office”, it is important to note that the term encompasses far more than the latest PC, having generators and UPS systems to combat the semi-regular power cuts, or having all your data synched to the cloud. The modern office extends far beyond the physical boundaries of your headquarters, into the… Read more »

Top tips to make 2015 your year for sales

Sales is a tough game. It takes a lot to motivate yourself to get out there every day and to make sales, and to remain competitive in such a rapidly changing business landscape. On the one side you are fighting off the competition that encroach on your territory, while on the other you are confronted… Read more »

The Value of Good Data

Making sales has never been as knowledge-driven as it is now. With the advent of big data, effective data capturing technology and the increasing sophistication of sales management systems, useful information is literally just a click away. So why do many organisations still struggle?