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5 sales techniques to embrace in 2020

As the new year and indeed a new decade is firmly in full swing, the role of a mobile sales rep doesn’t change. Selling your product from business to business can be a challenging role without a lack of preparation or direction.

Don’t confuse plans with planning – 3min read

Making plans is easy. Planning is more difficult. Plans always fail. Planning involves anticipating and avoiding the impact of failed plans. Conflating the two is a costly mistake, still made too often. Here are 5 often-overlooked benefits of planning.

12 great apps that Skynamo employees love – 3min read

We’re not only known as “the app people” but also as “app people”. As developers of the field sales software, we specialise in a mobile sales app, yet we appreciate other applications that simplify and enhance everyday experiences. Here are some of our staff’s favourites.