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21 songs that get reps rocking on the road – 1min read

When your car becomes your office, you must make sure it’s a space that gets you ‘in the zone’. Sales reps spend their most important moments of each day – in between customer visits – in their cars. Surveyed sales reps share the songs that keep them up and selling on the road.

Sharing Your Skynamo Calendar

In a day and age where we use multiple tools to help us with our daily tasks, it is important to make sure nothing slips through.  Sharing calendar events between your work email account and your Skynamo account is something that our users have been asking for a while.  A couple of months ago we… Read more »

4 reasons why reps get a bad rap – 4min read

Salespeople face the challenge of having to represent their brands and win the trust of customers while negative labels hang around their necks. Here’s 4 reasons why reps get a bad rap and how the right sales tool helps them to shake off these labels.