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This is the way you bridge the gap between Sales and Operations to sell more.

By Servaas Hofmeyr | June 5, 2018

If you often find yourself thinking, “My salespeople just aren’t selling like they used to…” you’re right. Across the board salespeople aren’t making the numbers as often as they were five years ago – 10% less often to be specific.

Funny thing happened on the way to global expansion: We met our Doppelgänger

By Servaas Hofmeyr | May 25, 2018

A short story of how a small tech company dealt with trademarks and developing a unique brand name in a global marketplace

Leading South African sales app rebrands to Skynamo

By Servaas Hofmeyr | May 2, 2018

Formerly known as Honeybee, the sales app for Fields Sales Management has been rebranded as Skynamo as it continues international expansion.

Sam Clarke speaks to Pavlo Phitidis of Talk 567 about scaling a business

By Team Skynamo | March 20, 2018

Listen to Pavlo Phitidis interview with Sam Clarke, CEO of Honeybee, about the challenges of scaling a business internationally, as well as a special offer and call to action to all Xero users.  

Becoming the Boss: 5 things you can do to manage the transition from co-worker to sales manager

By Team Skynamo | March 19, 2018

How to manage the transition from co-worker to sales manager without burning bridges, losing sales or feeling miserable.

#ReadThis: The books every sales manager should read and why – 2min read

By Team Skynamo | March 8, 2018

The greatest thing about living and working in 2018 is that we don’t have to know everything. We just need to know how to find out about everything. This is Skynamo’s list of four essential books for every sales manager.

Four things you can do right now to increase trust within your sales organisation

By Team Skynamo | February 18, 2018

Trust is important in sales. Yeah, we know, a bit of an obvious statement to start with. But we aren’t talking about the need for trust from the consumer, which is very important. Instead, we’re talking about the importance of trust between you and your sales team – which is critical to collaboration and improving… Read more »

A Water wiser company Culture: water-saving initiative launched at Skynamo

By Team Skynamo | February 17, 2018

Skynamo launches an internal campaign to incentivise and enable employees to save water at home and at work during the Cape Town water crisis.

Three data tech trends that will help grow your business

By Team Skynamo | March 7, 2017

1. Using a mobile data collection tool: Every bit of data gathered by teams in the office and in the field, from orders placed to routes travelled, has the potential to be very valuable to your business. Having access to the right data can shed light on where and why teams are under-performing and how… Read more »

Going mobile

By Team Skynamo | October 31, 2016

The urgency of mobile adoption has been a topic of discussion for many years. Businesses and people who have not yet adapted to a mobile environment will soon be left behind and look on as their competitors thrive. The ever-growing trend of mobile applications are increasing by the minute.

What is “Transparency in business”?

By Team Skynamo | July 28, 2016

“Transparency in business” is a phrase that is becoming more and more common under managers, owners, and leaders. “We need more transparency in our business processes”; “There isn’t enough visibility on the ground!” they say.

The New Kid on The Block: Sales Mobility

By Team Skynamo | June 1, 2016

Most sales manager dream of a more effective and more efficient sales team. Luckily, every now and then a new tool surfaces that has the ability to nudge that team further in the right direction. Strong sales managers usually jump at this opportunity. These tools are called sales acceleration tools and are by no means… Read more »