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We know it's frustrating when you're an active, high performing field sales manager or business owner, but the new normal means visiting customers is limited and complicated. The Covid-19 economy means sales numbers are understandably not hitting target, your team’s productivity is low, and you feel you're not caring for customers the way you want to. Studies have shown person to person selling has a 30% higher sell rate, AND 130.2% ​bigger deal sizes. This means, you are currently missing out on revenue.


We're here to help. Our experts have put together the best resources for outside sales teams and anyone currently planning to safely meet with customers face-to-face. We're here to support you by giving you handy tips and tricks, not only for surviving COVID-19, but to help you get back to sales as you know it. Watch sales soar.

"As a manager, it gives me access to an unbelievable amount of solid, concise, usable data, allowing me to improve our systems making us more productive with less effort and more efficient without sacrificing service."

John Manolakis
Managing Director / Studex

Resources to inspire productivity during business slowdown




Making sense of the new COVID-19 Health & Safety Regulations for Field Sales

How do you keep you, your team and your customers safe and compliant during COVID-19? New health and safety requirements have just been published. Are you aware of what they are and what compliance will mean for your business?

If you didn’t join our seen our interactive discussion and Q&A session with Occupational Health Specialists, register to receive the recording to navigate these unchartered waters with us, dispel some myths get answers to some pressing questions.

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