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Know what's happening in the field - anytime!

Skynamo automatically captures routes driven, customers visited, and time spent with customers, and makes it easy for reps to capture orders, make notes on your retail execution and other vital customer notes. Daily reports are generated automatically and available in real-time.

Make smarter sales decisions

Skynamo's reporting features deliver vital sales information you can use to make your sales team more productive and more effective. Who are your top performers? Which customers are your most profitable? How are sales this month vs. last month per customer? Skynamo delivers these answers and more.

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sales app for managers tasks

Coach your team to success

Assign tasks to reps and add notes to their timelines, and ensure the right customers are visited with the right frequency.

Forecast monthly sales

Get a real-time view of orders submitted and invoiced compared to your monthly or annual target per sales rep.

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"The monthly reports are tailored per customer and we can see exactly how often the reps have met with each client, and how many sales that resulted in. We generally have a rule that they need to see 6 – 8 clients per day, so that’s their target that we measure it against."

"We would be unable to be as productive as we currently are or continue to deliver the same level of service to customers without Skynamo. When comparing our achievements to that of industry colleagues who don’t use Skynamo or who aren’t using it optimally yet, we’re certainly outperforming them."

Skynamo voted Leader in Field Sales Software, as well as Easiest to Use and Best Usability by Customers!

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Why Skynamo is better


Mobile first

Unlike applications that simply offer mobile access to their software, Skynamo has been developed specifically as an app for mobile devices, which means a superior experience for mobile users and access to all functionality - even offline.

Skynamo is cloud based


No major hardware, infrastructure or technology expertise or investment required. Get set up and going in minimal time.

Skynamo knows your reps' days

GPS technology

Automatically track sales activity to cut down on administrative tasks for sales reps, increase transparency, and compile valuable insights that enable smarter sales decisions.

More features

Artificial Intelligence - Skynamo RADAR

Market intelligence

Create surveys to collect market intelligence from the field.

Skynamo streamlines ordering process

Visit forms

Create customized forms during visits to ensure notes are captured on your merchandising execution, as well as competitor analysis to stay up to date and ahead of the competition.

Skynamo Integration


Know what's happening with each customer. View a timeline of all interactions per customer.

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