Case Studies - Sales Management Software Features

Month-to-Date Leaderboard

Displays the top 5 performers based on a number of measures.

Provides a quick snapshot of the top performers out in the field.

Visit Count by Customer Group

Displays a percentage split according to the number of Visits per Customer Group during a specific date range.

Helps you analyse whether certain of your current visit schedules should be adjusted or not.

Analytics_visit count by customer group
Sales Rep KPI

Sales Rep KPI

Displays the Required, Made, Pending and Missed calls per user as well as the average visit time at their customers.

Provides you with an aggregated snapshot of each user’s call performance.

Sales Performance

Displays the Quantity of Sales for the Current Month vs Previous Month per Customer Summary as well as the Variance.

Provides you with a view into how each Customer’s sales are increasing or decreasing from Month to Month.

sales performance

API for custom reporting

Get to your data easily and connect with BI tools to drive growth in your businesses through data driven decision making.

By using a BI tool for data analysis you are able to compare different data sources with each other to accurately determine where the gaps are in your business.

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