Skynamo Analytics - Skynamo YOY sales per month

YOY sales per month

Easily compare previous years sales with the current year, and see seasonal buying patterns or slow times.

Top and bottom customers

Quickly see who your top buyers are, and where the most of your revenue is coming from.

At the same time see where more focus could be needed with your bottom customers.

Skynamo Analytics - Skynamo top and bottom customers
Skynamo Analytics - Invoicing per user and per company

Invoicing per user and per company

Know at a glance what your invoicing totals are, and use our convenient drop-down option to choose the date range you would like to view.

You will also have a breakdown of the invoicing per user.

Activities completed

View the activities your users have completed at a glance, and see which users are your top performers and who can use some encouragement.

Skynamo Analytics - Skynamo Activities completed

Skynamo RADAR Analytics

Skynamo Radar offers insights into your customers’ buying behaviors and trends, by segmenting your customer base using your existing data. This segmentation is done using 2 powerful features: RFM Analysis and Team Targets.

Skynamo Analytics -PowerBi
Skynamo Analytics - Qlik

API for custom reporting

Get to your data easily and connect with BI tools to drive growth in your businesses through data driven decision making.

By using a BI tool for data analysis you are able to compare different data sources with each other to accurately determine where the gaps are in your business.

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