Skynamo RADAR

Turn data chaos to customer clarity with Skynamo RADAR

Brought to you by Skynamo sales software

Perfect your audience targeting with automated segmentation.

Generate higher sales.

Stay competitive.

80% of your revenue comes from 20% of customers.

Do you know if any of these customers are at risk?

Skynamo RADAR lets you focus sales efforts where it matters most.

It's easier and cheaper to retain existing customers than to find new ones.

Do your sales reps know which customers need urgent attention?

Use Skynamo RADAR to approach the right customers and take the right action.

Reports show you past events.

Do you know which customers have changed the way they buy from you, in real-time, right now?

Use Skynamo RADAR to get alerted when customers buy less, stop buying or buy less often.

Is it a schlep to make sense of your sales data?

Does it take up too much time that you just don’t have?

Skynamo RADAR does all the customer analysis for you, so you can immediately make better sales decisions.

Get answers to essential questions about your customer behaviour

Skynamo RADAR is jam-packed with industry-first audience segmentation capabilities

Skynamo sales software keeps your sales teams connected to your business and your customers in real time. Great!

Skynamo Radar takes it one step further.

Skynamo RADAR customer behaviour analysis
Skynamo RADAR customer behaviour analysis
Skynamo RADAR customer behaviour analysis

Interactive, drill-down dashboards. Powerful RFM analysis. The ultimate in clarity and control.

Why is this good for you?

No more guess-work. Automated insights. Click, click, clarity.

Skynamo RADAR's RFM capabilities unlock insights into your sales data that you need to stay competitive.

  • Recency (R) – You know how recently a customer has purchased from you.
  • Frequency (F) – You know how often a customer purchases from you.
  • Monetary Value (M) - You know how much a customer usually spends.

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Why this is important for sales growth

Skynamo RADAR from Skynamo gives you the competitive advantage. You see gaps, opportunities, and red flags before they happen, with enough time to respond appropriately!

Skynamo RADAR automatically helps you stay one step ahead, without you lifting a finger.

  • Respond to issues faster.
  • Keep your high-value customers satisfied.
  • Nurture high-risk customers before they leave.
  • Up-sell high-potential customers for even bigger orders.
  • Foster customer loyalty through data-driven insights and actions.
  • Have the confidence to act fast, and accurately.

Watch this quick video about how Skynamo RADAR can help your sales teams.

Is Skynamo RADAR for managers or sales reps?

Skynamo ERP Integration

For sales teams

It is available to your entire sales team.

Skynamo Awards Icon

For sales reps

It promotes healthy competition within your team.

Skynamo Control icon

For sales managers

It removes uncertainty on how staff are tracking against their sales targets.

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How can I use Skynamo RADAR's data insights to smash sales targets?

  • Interactive drill-down dashboards give the right people real-time insights into order history and performance, for confident sales decisions.
  • Take action much sooner when targets are not looking good or adjust where needed.
  • Sales teams can monitor their assigned customers' performance and ensure they are following up on any customers making unusual orders.
Skynamo RADAR - RFM Analysis

Is Skynamo RADAR a stand-alone RFM analysis app?

Skynamo RADAR works in conjunction with the automated data collection, organisation, storing, and integration your Skynamo sales app handles on a daily basis.

Skynamo RADAR is brought to you by the sales software you trust: Skynamo

Skynamo is the award-winning sales CRM app that has helped B2B businesses make sense of sales.

For over a decade, Skynamo has brought clarity and calm to the confusion that many sales reps and sales managers face on a daily basis.

Skynamo is the sales rep app that cuts admin in half, so you can hit your targets.

Skynamo lifts the admin burden of B2B sales reps, and gives managers visibility into the field, so you can easily sell more.

Skynamo Products mockup

Skynamo voted Leader in Field Sales Software, as well as Easiest to Use and Best Usability by Customers!

Not your average B2B sales software

Skynamo Offline access

Offline access

All Skynamo functionality is accessible even when offline

Skynamo Mobile First

Mobile first

Skynamo has been developed specifically as an app for mobile devices, which means a superior experience for mobile users.

Skynamo Accurate orders

Accurate orders

Integrations with a number of ERP and accounting packages

See what some of our Skynamo RADAR customers have to say

“Greater visibility for the team, enabling them to take action much sooner when a customer needs assistance”

“Sales reps can get a snapshot very quickly of who needs to order, how often they order in the past, instead of filtering through their current dashboard and looking at every single account”

“This has allowed us take action with our customers sooner and use these insights to increase sales revenue and improve customer relationships”

“Save 2 days of reporting and analysing just with the new Dashboard, Save 5 days and provide invaluable insights to teams”

“THIS is intelligence”

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