Skynamo Pricing

Whether your focus is Manufacturing, Wholesaling or Distribution, or a combination of these, Skynamo can be customized to suit your exact needs.

By defining which tools and functionalities of Skynamo will best support you and your team in your daily sales targeting, we’ll guide you to a life of less admin, more customer engagements and ultimately increased sales.

Let us assist you in finding the perfect plan for you and your business.

Let's Design Your Price Option

♡  Reasons you’ll Love ​Skynamo

  • Spend less time on admin & more on selling:
    17% of the work  week is spent doing sales admin work. Sales reps can produce a call reporting just a few minutes.
  • Stock & customer order history from any mobile device:
    Instantly recall what your customers has bought before &
    then deliver an accurate quote translating to additional
    sales and increased customer experience.
  • Know your customers:
    Customer details and history are instantly available, no more shifting through hand-written notes or searching for past emails​
  • Works offline:
    All functionality and information is still available to sales reps even in remote areas or underground.
    Updates sync when back online.



Get accurate orders out faster


Know your customers and never go in cold again


Cut time spent on call reports from hours to minutes


Get instant visibility into sales activity in the field


Make smarter sales decisions

Full Offering

Skynamo pricing is based on number of users, your integration, features and reporting requirements. Contact us to get a “no obligation” custom quote to suit your specific needs and budget.

Features & Benefits

  • Unlimited customers, products and visits
  • Standard dashboard and reporting
  • Basic CRM details and history
  • Live location and route tracking
  • Tasks and visit scheduling
  • Customer visit frequencies
  • Log activities and comments
  • Ordering, quoting and credit requests
  • Product catalogue
  • Customizable visit form
  • In-store stock takes
  • Multiple price lists
  • Public API
  • Deals, promos and contract pricing
  • Warning prices and price limits
  • Multiple warehouses and stock levels
  • Customizable customer and product fields
  • Customizable forms
  • Merchandising
  • Multilingual customization
  • Multi-region / instance reporting

Set-up, training and integration services

  • Full on-boarding assistance
  • Dedicated project manager for roll-out
  • Dedicated key account manager
  • E-learning, on-line training & academy
  • Manual import for all other packages
  • Back-up retention SLA
  • Telephone support
  • Email support
  • Extended hours support
  • Standard template integration with partnering accounting packages

These are just some of the benefits of partnering with a ready-to-use, industry best practice driven product like Skynamo. We hope you’ll see the benefits today and for the years to come by partnering to Skynamo.

Additionals & Add-ons


Choose a seamless integration with whichever one of our multiple ERP partners you have chosen to run your business accounting needs.



Unlock even more value with our service team who will work alongside you in designing your Skynamo platform exactly as you need it. No more guessing, make smarter decisions.



Training and support are what we are known for. Skynamo will never be an off-the-shelf product as we remain connected throughout your journey with us attending to your ever-changing needs. From international support teams to our self-paced academy, we have you covered.


Skynamo RADAR

Skynamo RADAR offers insights into your customers’ buying behaviors and trends, by segmenting your customer base using your existing data. This segmentation is done using 2 powerful features: RFM Analysis and Team Targets.


Skynamo RADAR customer behaviour analysis
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"The monthly reports are tailored per customer and we can see exactly how often the reps have met with each client, and how many sales that resulted in. We generally have a rule that they need to see 6 – 8 clients per day, so that’s their target that we measure it against."

"We would be unable to be as productive as we currently are or continue to deliver the same level of service to customers without Skynamo. When comparing our achievements to that of industry colleagues who don’t use Skynamo or who aren’t using it optimally yet, we’re certainly outperforming them."

Skynamo voted Leader in Field Sales Software, as well as Easiest to Use and Best Usability by Customers!

Questions? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help