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New Skynamo Releases

Check out our latest releases that are hot off the press, and learn how to stay ahead of your competitors with these smart new feature videos and documents.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) serves as an extra security barrier, blocking unauthorized access to accounts, even in cases where passwords have been stolen. Companies employ multi-factor authentication to verify user identities, ensuring easy access exclusively for authorized users.

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Multi Pack denomination

This feature is used in cases where customers always want to operate using the base unit or single item quantities and pricing of their products. Product prices are shown and negotiated on the price of a single unit/item but are still sold and delivered in different pack sizes.

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Subscription Management

This feature allows you to manage a few things on your subscriptions such as

  • Adding more licenses
  • Requesting to cancel subscription at the end of the term (All customer contracts are Auto-renew by default)
  • Updating billing contact details

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Gross Profit Margins

The gross profit margin is a useful feature for those customers who want to maintain healthy margins.

Skynamo will calculate the gross profit margin based on cost and display profit percentage per line item as well the entire order. Margins will automatically change when a field user negotiates/changes the item price.

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Skynamo RADAR:

Skynamo RADAR offers insights into your customers’ buying behaviour and trends, by segmenting your customer base using your existing data.

This segmentation is done using 2 powerful features:

  • RFM Analysis
  • Team Targets

Find out more about RADAR here.

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New Dashboard

  • This is going to be your go-to for a quick overview of your team statistics, and where attention might be needed.
  • New look and feel! The tiles are pre-set, so no need to choose and set up tiles, all the data will be immediately visible!
  • Easily access your teams and customers overview detailing information that will impact your business decisions.

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Product Page Catalogue view on iOS:

You can now switch between your default “list view” and “image view” (catalogue view) if your product images have been imported.

What’s new?

  • “Image View” and “List View” toggle

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Product Page Barcode Scanner on iOS:

Field users can now open their Product Page and search their Product List using the barcode scanner.

What’s new?

  • Search using the Barcode scanner

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Permanent customer self-assignment on iOS/Android:

You can now enable field users to self-assign customers permanently and temporarily.

  • If a manager user has permission to apply changes, they will be able to set these changes under the user role settings
  • Account Managers will have full access to apply these changes

Uploading images from gallery

Field users can now easily upload images from their mobile device to their order, visit and other forms.

  • There are no limits when adding multiple images.
  • This will be visible on:
    1. Visit forms
    2. Order/Quote/Credit Request forms
    3. Any form where capturing an image/photo is required

Email Integration for Android, iOS and Web

No more copying emails into comments, better visibility for every customer interaction and the ability to build a more complete customer history.

Click the link below to find out more:

  • Web Email Integration here
  • Mobile Email Integration here
  • Android Email Integration here
  • iOS Email Integration here

New Customer Tab

Now with Infinite scrolling, the ability to Merge Duplicated Customers, and New filter design and User Assignment Management.

Learn how to manage assignments and merge duplicate customers with ease.

Find out more here.

Find out more here.

API for Custom Reporting

Get to your data easily and connect with BI tools to drive growth in your businesses through data driven decision making.

By using a BI tool for data analysis, you are able to compare different data sources with each other to accurately determine where the gaps are in your business.

Watch how to add emails here.

Add emails to your Skynamo timeline

This feature is perfect for inside sales teams, outside sales teams and their managers, to get a view on all their customer integrations in one place, as well as to build up a better customer history.

New iOS Ordering Interface

Add orders or quotes directly from a customers profile. You can now also view the latest product information, stock levels and files. With the updated filters, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. You are now able to view your order in catalogue view and switch between your warehouses as needed.

Watch the new interface in action here.

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Watch how to print your next order here.

New Printing and Sharing features

Printing quotes and/or orders for your customer has never been easier.

You can now do this from your main timeline or the timeline on your customer’s profile.

Selecting the share button, you will now see the printing button where you can preview the document and select a printer to use.

Skynamo Training Academy Logo

Skynamo Training

We offer training options to suit your requirements and learning preference. Training options include self-paced online learning via the Skynamo Academy or live instructor led training via video conferencing.

Skynamo Academy Training: Champion Training Completed
Skynamo Academy Training: Admin Admiral
Skynamo Academy Training: Full Course Completed Manager
Skynamo Academy Training: Customer Czar
Skynamo Academy Training: Imports Emperor
Skynamo Academy Training: Process Pro
Skynamo Radar logo

Skynamo Radar offers insights into your customers’ buying behaviors and trends, by segmenting your customer base using your existing data. This segmentation is done using 2 powerful features:

1 – RFM Analysis:

Recency, Frequency and Monetary (RFM) analysis unveils customers’ ordering, behavior, patters and fluctuations.

2- Team Targets:

Team Targets takes planning to another level ensuring you, as our Skynamo Customer are both growing and maintaining your loyal customer base, communicating with your teams effectively and smashing sales targets.

Skynamo Help Center

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