Why this course is for you

Studies have shown that field sales reps have a 30.2% higher close rate than inside/office-based sales reps. This is ascribed to the trust that’s created when visiting customers in person. Plus, they also tend to sell more: deals worked on by field sales reps tend to be 130% bigger on average than those worked on by inside sales teams.

Skynamo has partnered with Public Health Specialist, Dr. Marina Clarke, to deliver a training seminar for business owners and managers with field sales teams. This seminar ensures you have all the necessary information to protect yourself, your team and your customers from catching or spreading the virus when calling upon customers for face-to-face visits.

What we covered

  • The importance of face-to-face contact in business
  • COVID-19 environment's impact on face-to-face contact
  • Addressing threats, minimizing risks

About the trainer

Marina Clarke

Marina, as Dr Clarke prefers to be called, has about 50 years of experience that covers a broad spectrum of health care. Marina’s passion is Public and Community Health, which includes addressing a pandemic such as the COVID-19. She is well qualified and experienced both in health, education and occupational health and safety to provide practical and relevant guidance.

Marina was educated in South Africa, England, Malta and obtained her PhD from the Karolinska Medical University in Stockholm, Sweden.

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