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Everything you'll ever need from a field sales app


Real-Time Reporting and Automated Sales Analysis

Know what’s happening in the field, track your retail execution, sales activities such as customer visits and orders captured, actual vs. forecast sales.


Effortless Sales Team Management

View activities by team member, by region or customer, easily communicate with the entire team.


Streamlined CRM and Contact Management

View customer history, location, contacts, products ordered.

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Live Order Capturing

Capture orders from the field to improve order accuracy and turnaround time on invoicing.

It's so easy, with Skynamo

Field Sales Management Software - get accurate orders

Get accurate orders out faster.

Generate quotes and credit notes, check stock and submit orders - all via your mobile device.

Field Sales Management Software - know your customers

Know your customers and never go in cold again.

View all up-to-date customer details and history while on the road.

Field Sales Management Software - cut time spent on call reports

Cut time spent on call reports from hours to minutes.

GPS technology automates the generation of call reports so you can spend more time selling.

Field Sales Management Software - get instant visbility

Get instant visibility into sales activity in the field.

Auto-generated call reports let you see which customers were visited, how long reps spent with customers, what orders were submitted, as well as notes captured by sales reps on merchandising execution and competitors.

Plus, advanced integration with leading accounting and ERP software


What others say about Skynamo

"We have all the information at our fingertips, and it’s a conversation of sales support, as opposed to questioning why something hasn’t been done or what’s been going on. You have the information before you go into a meeting."

Laurence Smale
Head of Sales, Cave Direct

"We have saved hours on admin and unnecessary rekeying of orders and mistakes. All of this allows us to serve our customers better, by freeing up our reps' time to concentrate on building those relationships."

Nadeem Ayyub
Director of Rockcliffe Group

"When comparing our achievements to that of industry colleagues who don't use Skynamo or who aren't using it optimally yet, we're certainly outperforming them."

Jannic Zietsman
Regional Sales Manager
Lionel's Vets

There is no better Sales Tool. Skynamo has put our business into 5th gear!

Skynamo offers not only a real-time reporting overview but has the capabilities of pulling extensive and highly informative reports, which I use daily. The fact that it is LIVE makes it easier to locate our sales professionals and work on effective call cycles from practical experience and reporting. It is straightforward to use, and it offers adaptability to your business from day one. You can tailor it to fit your EXACT needs.

Michael Roux
National Sales & Exports Manager at VIP Liquors

Roland Reinecke is conquering sales because of Skynamo!

Simplicity and comprehensivity. Skynamo has allowed me to organize my pipeline and increase my productivity. Im able to forecast more accurately. I would recommend this to any sales person. Well done Skynamo!

Roland Reinecke

Skynamo Business Review

The integration with our Sage 100 platform. This reduces redundant work in the office and allows for seamless integration into our sales order module. This also gives sales reps in the field a live view of the data they need.

Chase B. Griffin
CEO @ Sky Blue Chemical | Owner @ Sapper Holdings LLC

Best Business Solution We've Implemented

Skynamo has brought many considerable benefits to our team. Some of the main benefits are the ease of use for our sales teams, the integration to our ERP systems, and the ease of management for those who oversee operations.

Kaleb Thomas
CFO and HR Executive | MBA | Highr Careers | Sky Blue Chemical | Chameleon Shine

Overall great platform

We love that Skynamo is integrated with our ERP and orders placed are entered directly into our system. We also love the visibility that it's given us into the day-to-day activities of our reps.

Jessica Wegesend

Been using Skynamo for 6 years, cant imagine life without it.

Calendar to help plan my day and do quotes immediately.

Josias Bezuidenhout
Sales Manager at SOS Oil

From day 1 the interaction was highly professional, accommodating and enjoyable.

Enjoyed the human interface with all the Skynamo employees. Learning and understanding the Skynamo application was amazing and user friendly. A powerful tool for any business.

André Louwrens van der Colff
Sales and Marketing Manager / Exco member at Egoli Gas (Pty) Ltd.

Skynamo- A sales tool I couldn't do without

I enjoy the custom reports that were built for us. It has taken our business to whole new level and makes my job a bit easier. Before I was sourcing all information of excel reports which took a bit of time.

Lamar Louw

Easy to set up and use the system on my phone daily.

That once it is set up, I can do my daily planning quickly in the morning or night before. After a full day, I can review everything I did and plan accordingly. With all our products and stock availability integrated in the system, it makes it very easy to quote and assist customer inquiries. With all the product information loaded on the system, you can also find all the info needed to assist each customer individually.

Rudi Volschenk
Technical Sales Representative at Upat SA (Pty) Ltd

Nearly 1,000 manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors trust Skynamo to reach their numbers. So can you.

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