Skynamo Services

The Skynamo Services team will help you unlock more value from your technology investment through our integration, analytics and advisory services.

We can integrate your business systems with Skynamo and draw valuable insights from the field, so you begin working more efficiently and make smarter sales decisions.

Skynamo Services puts Skynamo at the core of your sales organisation to draw insights from sales activities, submit orders from the field, and enables access to important information in the field, such as product and pricing information, stock levels, customer billing history.

Training Field Sales Application


Proper (and regular) training is crucial to being able to effectively use Skynamo to achieve sales success. Skynamo offers a variety of training options for Skynamo users.

Analytics Field Sales Application


Got questions? We’ll make it easy for you to get the answers you need to make smarter sales decisions. Choose from our standard reports or have our analytics team build custom reports to answer your specific sales questions.

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Our team of developers can integrate your business systems with Skynamo to keep both in sync and provide reps with accurate information in the field.

Advisory Services from Skynamo

Advisory Services

We work closely with our Customer Success Team and Project Managers to ensure you get the best solution for your unique business needs.

"We have a philosophy: we’ll either coach a rep up or coach them out. It’s our goal to coach reps up. If they embrace the app but are struggling to reach their target we’ll try to coach them up so that we don’t lose them. All reps have different strengths and weaknesses, and Skynamo allows managers to hone in on those qualities and coach them as individuals."

"A good sales mobility system is one that allows management to keep track of what is happening in the field whilst helping field staff to enhance relationships with their customers and to minimise the time wasted on tedious administration."