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Skynamo pricing is based on number of users and your integration, features and reporting requirements.

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  • Increase customer engagements by up to 3x
  • Increase sales revenue by 20% your first year
  • Voted "Easiest to use" by G2 Crowd
  • Used by 1,000 manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of all sizes

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♡  Reasons you’ll Love ​Skynamo

  • Spend less time on admin and more on selling:
    17% of the work  week is spent doing sales admin work. Sales reps can produce a call report in minutes.
  • Access inventory and customer order history from any mobile device: Instantly see what your customers have bought before and then deliver an accurate quote.
  • Know your customers:
    Customer details and history are instantly available. No more sifting through hand-written notes or searching for past emails​.
  • Work offline:
    All functionality and information are still available to sales reps even in remote areas or underground where internet access is weak or unavailable. Updates sync when back online.


  1. Get accurate orders out faster
  2. Know your customers and never go in cold again
  3. Cut time spent on Call reports from hours to minutes
  4. Get instant visibility into sales activity in the field
  5. Make smarter Sales decisions
"A must have for managing field sales reps"
Feb 19,2021
"Seriously beneficial platform to optimize efficiency"
Feb 18,2021
"Skynamo-A sales tool I couldn't do without"
Feb 24,2021
"From a company that used Excel sheets to a company who thrives because of Skynamo"
Feb 18,2021

"We have saved hours on admin and unnecessary rekeying of orders and mistakes. All of this allows us to serve our customers better, by freeing up our reps’ time to concentrate on building those relationships. "

Nadeem Ayyub
Director of Rockcliffe Group

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“What we found when we started using Skynamo is that a full 30% of our customers weren’t being visited, or even called. When I saw that, literally, my mouth was agape.”

Paul Davison
Chief Revenue Officer

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Skynamo voted Leader in Field Sales Software, as well as Easiest to Use and Best Usability by Customers!