5 benefits of field sales apps with offline capability – 2min read

Lost internet connectivity should never mean lost productivity. Field sales reps should be able to continue entering orders and customer information in their app, even while offline.  


Whether loadshedding is a thing in your country or not, as a field sales rep, you’ll often be forced to work offline. And, usually at the time you most need access to important information. The nature of your job means you spend much of your day on the road, or sometimes in the air to cover longer distances, while it’s also not unusual to find yourself visiting outlying, less connected places.


Do you ever feel let down by offline capabilities in these situations?

You’ve just arrived in a parking garage or are going up in an elevator, doing a return visit to a customer. You want to refresh your memory by checking notes you made during your previous visit. Was there anything you needed to get back to them on? Are there any new promos to remind them about?


You’re visiting a customer in a rural area where internet connectivity is dodgy at best. Will you be able to take their order? Do you need to check whether you have stock on hand? Are you sure your price lists are up to date?


You’re on a two-hour flight en route to a few of your customers you don’t see in person that often. It’s the perfect opportunity to analyse some reports and prepare strategically for your upcoming meetings. Will your app be able to provide you with the necessary information while your phone’s on in-flight mode?




What are the benefits of using an offline sales app?

Less frustration

It’s understandable that sales apps cannot have full offline capabilities when, for example, information needs to be sent to or received from other devices. But when all other features are functional offline, it surely makes for a less frustrating workday. Offline apps require very little loading time, meaning information is instantly available without difficulties. Data can be edited or uploaded without internet connection, so there’s no need to try and remember bookloads of information until you return to a reception area.


Avoid getting lost

Saved map and GPS functions work offline, so your planned routes remain available to you. No need to face the frustration and humiliation of getting lost on the way to a new customer.


Longer battery time

Offline apps are less likely to drain your battery. Data is synced in batches when network connection becomes available instead of continual, battery intensive connection attempts in offline areas. Turned on screens are the most power-hungry element of mobile devices. Screen time is increased while waiting for data uploads and downloads when bad or no connection are experienced.


Edge out your competition

Offline capability puts you significantly ahead of all your competitors who are tied into a data or Wi-Fi signal, because the reach of your service extends beyond internet connectivity.


More satisfied customers

Customers learn that they can trust your very professional and knowledgeable team of sales consultants. This is ultimately what it’s all about: being able to take care of your customers’ business needs by delivering a quality service.



Does your field sales app provide you with enough offline capabilities? Is your app’s offline functionality set up in a way that aids your sales process? Make sure you’re fully benefitting from your sales tools.