5 favorite remote working software tools

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Working from home has many challenges. Thankfully, brilliant software tools are available to bring remote working sales teams together, creating office-like experiences. 


Apart from your kids dancing around your home office desk, begging you to play with them, or your cat walking across your keyboard ever so often, what do you miss most about your office?


I’m missing the convenience of walking over to a colleague’s desk to ask them something. Or sharing new ideas on the go and during breaks at the coffee station. And the whiteboard, where we used to gather every morning to run through our tasks and progress. It’s gone!


Here are five useful software tools to help you stay productive while working from home using our mobile sales app and field sales software.



1. Geekbot

One of the most difficult things about working from home is no longer being able to have quick, in person check-ins with your team. Daily team updates are crucial to ensure everyone is on the same page and as productive as they can be. Geekbot allows you to continue having regular standups, and build a culture of communication. AI language analysis helps you gauge how everyone is doing emotionally.

You can start a free trial today. Learn more at geekbot.com


2. Sharepoint

The intranet solution already used by over 200,000 organisations makes working from home, work as usual. Even though you’re distributed across towns and cities, it allows you to continue working like you’re together. Microsoft Office software like Word, Powerpoint, and Excel are all available in your browser and easily shareable and editable among colleagues. There’s no need to send documents around as email attachments, or to be together in person, to work collaboratively.

Get Sharepoint by itself or with Office 365 subscription, or download the app at office.com.


3. Zoom

What about your next strategy meeting or monthly company meeting? The most obvious downside to remote working and social distancing is the loss of face-to-face interaction. Zoom allows you to hear, see and interact with groups of people just as  you would in normal conversations or meetings. You can do this using your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or computer at home. It’s great for hosting online meetings with multiple participants. They have extended their free version capabilities during the pandemic, to host 40-minute meetings that now cater for up to 100 participants.

Compare Zoom to other free video conferencing options here.


4. Trello

This free task-tracking tool was featured as one of best 11 tools to use during lockdown. If you’re a project or campaign manager, it’s worth looking into this one. You’re able to create and manage workflows, have visibility of your team members’ tasks and progress, and set deadline reminders to keep moving things forward. The ability to have a clear visual of your daily priorities and how those reporting to you are getting along means you don’t need to feel overwhelmed and left in the dark.

It’s extremely user-friendly, and task and deadline notifications can be shared through other platforms like email or Slack.  Download it now for free.


5. Slack

The remote working app that’s been very useful to many office-based teams for some time, has now become invaluable. Slack gathers all your communication and tools in one place. With its user-friendly interface, information can be shared at company level, team level and even through non-work or social channels. It’s a great visual way for everyone to stay updated on what’s happening inside the organisation, especially by means of short-hand communication. Channels can be either public or private, depending on the relevance and sensitivity of the information being shared.

Available for free, depending on the size of your team.


Comment and share below on software tools you find most valuable while working from home?




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