The best food and beverage B2B sales ordering software

The best food and beverage B2B sales ordering software

The use of food and beverage B2B sales ordering software has transformed how the food and beverage industry handles eCommerce and order management. Businesses are learning how to leverage sales technological solutions to address challenges and take advantage of opportunities.


The food and beverage industry has recently navigated some new challenges successfully by making use of food and beverage B2B sales ordering software. As the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns progressed, the food and beverage industry went through some changes that will affect how small businesses operate for years to come.

Skynamo – the leading B2B sales app for the food and beverage industry – has rounded up some best practices for food and beverage sales based on these new changes. Through their analytics and reports, the team at Skynamo noticed trends in the industry, such as a greater need for online delivery services. They also saw a larger demand for more functional, healthy foods, with an increase in plant-based product sales. Because most of these were eCommerce sales, local food and beverage suppliers had to change how they run their businesses.

Many businesses started using food and beverage B2B sales ordering software to adapt to these changes. This innovative technology uses online social marketing channels to help businesses acquire more customers and increase sales. Companies that took advantage of these platforms were able to make faster deliveries and provide better customer service.

Research data suggests that the need for order management through food and beverage B2B sales ordering software will only increase over the next 10 years. Because of this, the market value of B2B food marketplace platforms is expected to grow by almost $50 million by 2028.

With the rise of eCommerce and direct-to-consumer sales, businesses in the food and beverage industry can profit from incorporating food and beverage B2B sales ordering software into their systems. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits.


100% Cloud-based

The benefits of working with a 100% cloud-based solution far outweigh the use of traditional software. This is especially true for B2B eCommerce businesses that operate out of multiple locations. Syncing information across multiple geolocations can eliminate many challenges faced by brick-and-mortar-only operations. Some of the benefits of cloud-based software include lower costs, improved collaboration, mobility, and portability.

Skynamo – the leading B2B ordering app in the food and beverage industry – offers 100% cloud-based solutions that help businesses lower costs and improve collaboration across teams. Their software can also help improve data security, enable feature flexibility, and boost quality control and loss prevention.

The best food and beverage B2B sales ordering software

Mobile access for sales reps

Cloud-based sales technologies use mobile platforms to offer food and beverage sales reps more accessibility through their smartphones and other handheld devices. This allows them to access their food and beverage B2B sales ordering software from anywhere, at any time. They’ll have all the information they need to successfully make, access, and fulfill orders.

Allowing sales reps to take mobile orders is as simple as giving them the ability to sell smarter, faster, and more effectively no matter where they are. Skynamo features dashboards that give minute-by-minute access to information on promotions, daily targets, and real-time performance. This information can give your business the competitive edge it needs for B2B eCommerce.


Wholesale functions

Food and beverage B2B sales ordering software can provide wholesale options that make the sales process easier for everyone involved. The software makes it easy for clients and sales reps to make orders, purchase ingredients, and buy commodities all from one platform.

Skynamo B2B sales software is the app that can revolutionize your wholesale business. It offers automation, sales management, integration, and data analytics for decision-making, all in one convenient platform.


Integration with your other tools/apps

Your food and beverage B2B sales ordering software should seamlessly integrate with other tools and apps that are critical to B2B eCommerce. It’s important to find an app that can sync effortlessly with ERP, CRM, and other financing solutions. The Skynamo B2B sales app integrates perfectly with most top solutions. Some of these include:

  •  Sage
  • Intuit Quickbooks
  • Xero
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Palladium Business Solutions
  • Kerridge Commercial Systems

Additionally, The Skynamo Public API offers access to proprietary API. If your operating system is not on our list, reach out to discuss custom integration options for your order management.

The best food and beverage B2B sales ordering software

Get the best sales ordering app from Skynamo

The rise of online sales will likely push the food and beverage industry to further explore online order management and mobile ordering software. Skynamo takes B2B eCommerce to the next level with 100% cloud-based solutions, mobile access for sales reps, wholesale functions, and seamless integration with other apps and tools. Reach out today to chat with our Skynamo Services Team about how our mobile sales app can elevate your B2B eCommerce.