Having problems with up to date information when visiting your customers? – 1min read

Are you losing out on sales due to stock problems at your customers?  What products aren’t selling like they should be?  Are you struggling to sell your products at the correct price? Do you know what the credit balance of your customers are when visiting them?  


These problems can be addressed by your field sales team when you integrate Skynamo with your financial software or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Systems.  Customer, product and pricing information from these systems will give your team real-time access to the data they need.  Sales information can also help to identify products that drop in sales, and address issues accordingly to get sales back on track. 


Products dropping in sales 

Having sales information available to your sales team can help them identify customer buying trends.  Skynamo provides a sales graph that indicates sales per month per customer to identify sales trends over time. 

Our Skynamo Services team can further help to identify and highlight product categories that are not selling as they should.  This will help your sales team to be more proactive when visiting their customers. 


Accurate pricing and warehouse stock levels 

Skynamo handles complex pricing structures based on multiple price lists, unique deals per product and customer, as well as contract pricing for customer groups.  Our software also supports buy-free deals in scenarios where you may want to offer free additional items when customers buy in bulk.  As negotiation often forms part of the deal, you can also set a minimum price or a warning price to prevent your team from negotiating prices that will negatively affect your profit margin.

Warehouse stock levels help your team to see how much stock you have left in each warehouse before placing orders, to prevent ordering outof-stock items. 


Order integration 

Orders placed in the field can be integrated into your financial or ERP system to improve order processing time.  This, in turn, helps improve delivery time to customers. 


What other software can Skynamo integrate with? 

Skynamo can integrate with most ERP and accounting software.  Our most common integrations include various Sage products, Acumatica, Xero, Syspro, Palladium, IQRetail, and Omni Accounts.  If required, we also provide custom workflows based on your needs. 


For more information on integrations with Skynamo, feel free to visit our website or to contact your customer success manager.