Why long-term planning is so important in sales

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As Benjamin Franklin famously highlighted, “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” and never is this truer than in the fast-paced world of sales, where long term planning is a crucial factor in ensuring your business’ future. 


With the help of Skynamo you can bring all your data into focus – cutting down on admin time and gaining valuable insights to guide smarter sales decisions. Our dynamic field sales application will allow you to efficiently plan for the future, putting essential data right at your fingertips.

Plan your success with Skynamo:



If you are not setting yourself targets, then you are not giving yourself the ability to progress as a business. Sales are all about the numbers, and these can be used to your advantage through Skynamo’s analytics.

You can plan daily, weekly and monthly tasks alongside yearly targets. And, with this form of long-term planning, you can break down large, seemingly unattainable goals, into manageable steps – giving your sales reps motivation to reach their allotted targets and helping you to push forward as a company.

Long-term planning shouldn’t stop at the sales reps, it is just as important for sales managers to set targets too. This gives the business a future, encouraging continual growth and motivation of everyone involved in the company.



Every great company out there has an identity, and yours should be no different! Skynamo gives you the chance to work with the plethora of information available to gain the best results, consistently promoting the highest standards. This can create an identity of hard work, honesty and organisation. This can be encouraged throughout the whole company, as Skynamo can assist anyone from sales reps to sales managers in achieving their goals.

Our field sales app gives you all of the tools you need to keep track of how your business prospects are shaping up moving forward, so you can get a more complete idea of your business identity moving forward.


Preparing for change

Planning ahead and considering a range of outcomes allows you to be more assured about decisions. With access to analytical data you can make educated predictions about what the future will hold and plan accordingly – meaning you can adjust more easily to any changes in the market, with less panic and knee jerk decisions.



With less time spent worrying about where to send your reps, you gain valuable time to focus on other areas of business.

With Skynamo’s long-term planning you can dramatically reduce admin time for sales reps. A recent study conducted by Skynamo, identified that field sales executives only spend 35.4% of their working week actually selling. Now, imagine if you have all your planning done in advance, how rapidly your productivity levels can increase!


Less sales admin and Increased sales.


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