Managing Product Availability at your customers – 1min read

Many of your product ranges are very similar but uniquely tailored to specific customer needsSales teams can easily confuse unique items under these circumstances. Product Availability prevents order errors by only making relevant products available.

One example is that of a butcher delivering biltong to small retailers.  All his customers buy the same range of meat (beef, kudu and ostrich) but specify slightly different spice mixes, cuts and packaging.  Another example is that of a leading stationery distributor that sells various ranges of black ball point pens.  These pens look very similar, are priced about the same and have long product codes that differ only slightly.  Accidentally ordering the incorrect product can cause downstream confusion and problems for order handling, deliveries and returns.   Limiting your team to only place orders for products available to the correctly assigned customer could save you time and money.

Product Availability 

Product Availability can be set based on any customer data fields. This could be based on region, customer category, customer groups or in any other way that you segment your customers. When a salesperson logs an order at a specific biltong shop, only that customer’s products become available for order. 


Already have product availability set up in financial applications or ERP systems?  

Many financial applications and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems already deal with this problem, preventing you from ordering products that should not be available to a customer.  Skynamo can access this information from your financial application or ERP system to prevent your sales team from accidentally ordering incorrect products. 


Manage product availability manually 

If you do not have an integration running with any of these systems, you can still set up and manage product availability from within Skynamo.  It can be done in bulk via excel imports or on a one-by-one basis from the web interface. 


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