5 sales techniques to embrace in 2020

As the new year and indeed a new decade is firmly in full swing, the role of a mobile sales rep doesn’t change. Selling your product from business to business can be a challenging role without a lack of preparation or direction.


That is why you should use the new year to evaluate your sales techniques and if they are actually getting you the results that you would be happy with. Or, if you are content with your sales performance, how you can improve to make it even better. Here at Skynamo, we’ve listed 5 sales techniques you can look to improve on in 2020 with the help of our revolutionary field sales app.



One of the key characteristics of a successful salesperson is their organisation. If you can keep on top of the work that you are setting yourself, then you are able to achieve it at a quicker and more impactful rate. By ensuring that your documents are kept in a way that is secure and user friendly, which can be achieved with Skynamo’s field sales software. This allows you to access the information you need most, when you need it the most.


Solid promises

When you’re in the room selling your product, it can be easy to get carried away with what you’re selling and make certain assurances that you feel will get a deal in the balance over the line. However, it is important to only make promises you can keep, as if you can’t then it will come back to be at your detriment later down the line!

Even if these promises are not very big in relation to your company, “dress them up” so that they are important and exclusive to the deal you’re trying to achieve. With Skynamo, you can log such promises so that you can always remember what they are.


Follow up on customers once a deal is completed

Managed to complete a deal and get a customer on board? Great news! But remember that all is not finished when a deal is completed. Make sure that you let the customer know that you’re still a point of contact if they have any further questions about the mobile sales app.

You could also give them a follow up email or phone call once they have used the product for a few weeks to see how they are getting on with it and if they have any questions, maintaining a good working relationship. Be sure to use the data that is logged in your personal Skynamo account to remember what was discussed and address it.


Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

You’ve completed a deal, which is fantastic! Afterwards, you should reflect on what was an effective strategy and what didn’t work so well. Once you’ve found a core strategy that works, perfect it using Skynamo to your advantage to track field sales automatically and keep a log of all successful deals. Be sure to adapt around your core strategy to every different setting you’re in, ensuring that your range of knowledge is kept high but is still second nature if you need it.


Set sales targets from day one

Use Skynamo’s mobile analytics feature to set your own weekly goals. Even if they are small at first, they should be challenging yet achievable. This keeps morale high by showing your progress as you work through your sales targets, keeping you motivated and providing a drive for better results.


Skynamo help sales teams communicate more clearly and increase sales


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