Skynamo field sales app awarded Sage Top ISV Partner of the Year Award 2019

Skynamo – the Field Sales app – was awarded the Sage Top ISV Partner of the Year for Africa and Middle East region at Sage’s annual Partner of the Year Award ceremony held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Top ISV Partner of the Year is awarded to a Rockstar ISV that has achieved the highest overall revenue for 2019 Financial Year and has continued to display commitment and investment into their partnership with Sage.

Skynamo is the field sales app for Sage customers who want to securely provide their field sales teams with remote access to current product, pricing and customer information stored in Sage. Field sales teams are also able to check billing and payment status for customers as well as submit orders for approval. Benefits include more accurate orders and faster turnaround times on invoicing and payments.

“Skynamo gets finance and sales teams working together for once by allowing field sales teams to benefit from a company’s Sage system while in the field and improve the accuracy of orders collected,” said Brian Howe, Chief Channel Officer at Skynamo. “This award is means so much to us, because of the recognition it represents by Sage of the value that Skynamo delivers to their customers and business partners.” 

Skynamo has been a Sage partner since 2017 and has worked with over 30 Sage business partners in South Africa, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and USA to deliver Skynamo’s field sales productivity and management app to Sage customers. Skynamo has a dedicated team of integration specialists establishing and managing seamless integrations with Sage products.

“From day one, Skynamo has been a model ISV partner in that they’ve worked closely with us to ensure seamless integrations with our products and have also shown incredible commitment to bringing their solution to our partner ecosystem,” said Tim Marsden, Vice President of Marketplace and ISV Solutions at Sage.




Skynamo is the field sales app used by businesses with field sales teams who visit and sell to an existing customer base on a regular basis. Sales teams want to eliminate admin and gain access to more accurate information. Skynamo gives them this through automated call report generation and remote access to the latest product, customer and pricing information while on the road via their mobile devices. Managers and small business owners want better insight into what’s happening in the field, sales team productivity and effectiveness, customer engagements and competitive intelligence. Skynamo give them through GPS technology, insightful reports and dashboards, and customisable forms for data collection and surveys in the field.

Skynamo is changing the sales conversation between managers and their teams on a global scale from one based on fear and uncertainty to one based on transparency. By doing this Skynamo is transforming managers from micro-managers to coaches and transforming sales reps from order-takers to consultants, and creating a more collaborative and successful sales                  environment. The digital shift in B2B sales is predicted to cause job losses for B2B sales representatives characterised as order-takers but an increase in those identified as consultative sellers, according to Forrester Research. Skynamo will help B2B sales teams thrive in the new digital selling environment.

Skynamo was established in 2012 in Stellenbosch, South Africa and has offices in Epsom, United Kingdom.



Julian Diaz, Chief Marketing Officer