Case study

American Piercing Systems – Studex

Skynamo turned out to be the perfect fit

American Piercing Systems (PTY) Ltd. is the exclusive importer of genuine STUDEX piercing products and allergy free earrings and currently supplies in their territory. This Studex case study examines the impact of a field sales app on their major client base: consisting of pharmacies, jewelery shops, beauty salons, and accessories stores.

Although American Piercing Systems was already one of the leaders in its industry, the company was struggling to get orders placed in a timely and efficient manner and management wanted to make sure that the sales team was functioning at maximum capacity. After realizing the need for a comprehensive sales management system, Managing Director, John Manolakis, spent 3 years looking for the best provider and through a process of trial and error.

Finding the right solution can be a difficult task, as there are many factors to take into account. Essential features include user-friendliness, instant feedback and reporting, offline capability, and Flexibility. After testing other mobility solutions, Manolakis eventually opted for Skynamo, as it checked all these boxes and more.

Skynamo immediately allowed management to identify areas where there was waste by letting management keep a tighter eye on day to day operations. It also eliminated the challenge of timely order placing, as sales representatives could now instantly push orders through, straight from the field. Within a month of using Skynamo the company started to see positive results.

"A good sales mobility system is one that allows management to keep track of what is happening in the field whilst helping field staff to enhance relationships with their customers and to minimise the time wasted on tedious administration."

One of the biggest challenges facing such sales mobility systems is backlash from sales representatives who are fearful of the tracking component these include.

The ease of use and functionality of Skynamo, however, overcame this challenge and after a reluctant start, the APS-Studex sales team soon fell in love with the system and how it is working for them. The ability to place orders in the field eliminates tedious administration work and location awareness allows for more efficient planning.

Manolakis cites a noticeable increase in sales and sales turnaround time and is excited about a future with Skynamo.

“As a manager, it gives me access to an unbelievable amount of solid, concise, usable data, allowing me to improve our systems making us more productive with lesser effort and more efficient without sacrificing service. And best of all, in the right hands, the information obtained from Skynamo has given us eyes into the sales segment of our operations in a way we couldn’t have dreamed about five years ago. This is the future!”