Case study

Bidvest Prestige Cleaning

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Bidvest Prestige Cleaning, based in Windhoek, Namibia, is a provider of all kinds of cleaning services to a variety of clients. “We do contractual cleaning services or once-off opportunities in various industries,” says general manager Nathan van Wyk. “We’re in healthcare, we’re in retail, we’re in commercial. We supply labour, usually with the appropriate equipment and consumables, but some clients only want the labour.”

The company has been using Skynamo for four or five years, and it’s used by a team of five sales staff, spread out across Namibia.

“All of our reporting used to be manual,” Nathan says. “So I didn’t have access to actually see what the guys were doing unless they submitted some type of, you know manually written or typed report. I wanted to see the daily activities. And then I wanted a tool that could allow them to spend less time in the office. Skynamo gave that to us.”

Nathan says there was some resistance to the app at first, but it wasn’t unexpected. “Some had the feeling that they were being policed, which is probably quite common. But I think most of my reps have adapted to it. The challenge for me was to get them to understand that it’s not a tool that I use to police them, it’s a tool that we use to record client interactions. And the big goal of us using the system is to grow revenue and to retain our customers.”

He’s had to demonstrate, he says, that it’s a tool designed to help them, not manage them.

"I think, to get the most out of Skynamo, integration is vital for any business, because if you don’t manage your data on Skynamo, it becomes a bit of a challenge..." "

For management, he says, it’s been a bit of a mixed bag because Skynamo has not yet been integrated with their ECRM or ERP. Recently, however, he says, Steiner South Africa has gone over to Skynamo too, and they’re using integration, so he can see the benefits. “I’m forward to going to that next step, because I think integration will untap a lot more potential and information that we can use to improve our business.”

The lack of integration means that Skynamo is not currently saving them a lot of time, because quotes are still done separately, and reps come back to the office to do that, he says. But he says he can see that it has a positive effect on sales revenue from the point of view that he can track activities and immediately talk to reps who are under-performing and help to get them back on track.

“I would say our retention of our clients has also improved, because I can see when my guys aren’t getting to clients and rectify that,” he adds.

“I think, to get the most out of Skynamo, integration is vital for any business,” Nathan concludes, “because if you don’t manage your data on Skynamo, it becomes a bit of a challenge and then I think when you’re trying to report on it and look at analysing data, becomes a bit of a challenge.

“So I if I had to restart four years ago, I would do integration from the beginning. It would have made life a lot easier for me.”