Case study

Medis Medical

Skynamo field sales app is the remedy for Medis

A world leader in compression therapy, Medis has been supplying orthopaedic and surgical products for over two decades. With eight sales reps distributed nationally, the business needed to improve the monitoring of its sales force and keeping track of sales calls. The Medis case study examines why Skynamo is the remedy.

Medis Sales Manager Willem de Klerk was approached by Skynamo to try their sales management app on a trial basis, as it offered several features that would improve day-to-day activities in running the business. In July 2014, Willem decided to run the Skynamo demo first in two of their sales territories. While the app offers effective monitoring of sales reps and sales activity, the transparency of the system has also revealed to Medis how sales managers can help their teams in acquiring a good yield in sales. Monthly reports, using statistics and figures from the Skynamo sales app, show how many sales reps are meeting with the required number of clients per day.

“Skynamo has been great in delivering professional customer service, and meet all our requests for changes”

"The monthly reports are tailored per customer and we can see exactly how often the reps have met with each client, and how many sales that resulted in. We generally have a rule that they need to see 6 – 8 clients per day, so that’s their target that we measure it against."


The app has been highly beneficial to Medis because of its versatile nature and monitoring takes place in the form of tracking travel routes.

“We’ve managed to use the system effectively in improving the quality of our workforce. Our sales reps know they are being monitored on the road, so we can see their location at any time during the day. This means we can make sure they are with the right client at the right time and putting in that face-to-face time with the client.”

Willem explains:

“We’ve been able to ask Skynamo in the past if they can change a few features, or add a few features so that Skynamo suits our business even better. They’ve been very efficient and attentive in meeting these requests.”

Willem has also been impressed with Skynamo’s professional and efficient response to requests.  As a result, the app meets the demands of the business, and it shows in the sales results.

“As the need arises, we can contact them without trouble, and they can add forms and questionnaires to our particular layout for our business. For example, we have training days where we need a registration and attendance form set up for data collection. Also, because of the nature of the industry, our reps need to be continually updated with new developments – the instantaneous feature on this app makes that possible.”