Less paperwork and more insights

Your sales reps are better equipped to report on free samples distributed, take photos of your shelf space/ facings, aisle displays as well as conduct market research about your competitors.


Shareable product information at your fingertips

Images, spec sheets and all other product
information can be uploaded to Skynamo and
made available to reps on the road via their mobile device – improving the accuracy of orders and providing customers with an accurate overview of products available.

Features of Skynamo


Reduce lost sales

Reduce lost sales due to out-of-stocks or expired stock


Warning price lists

A strong mobile presence enables your team to face difficult questions and choices with more data and confidence in decisions


Fact sheets

Have information spec sheets on hand to email to a customer


Store images

Include photos of displays to enhance information collected via forms and surveys at each store

Why Skynamo?


Offline access

All Skynamo functionality is accessible even when offline


Mobile first

Unlike applications that simply offer mobile access to their software, Skynamo has been developed specifically as an app for mobile devices, which means a superior experience for mobile users and access to all functionality - even offline.


Accurate orders

Integrations with a number of ERP and accounting packages

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