Never walk in unprepared again

Giving sales reps in the medical supplies and pharmaceuticals industries full customer interaction and sales history equips them to make smarter sales and build stronger customer relationships.


Use the data to drive efficiency

Filter your database according to distance, location, industry type and visit frequency. Plan your business activities according to specific outcomes.

Features of Skynamo


Instant orders

Having the ability to place orders while at a customer means less errors and speeds up the order process.


Medical spec sheets

Load medical spec sheets onto Skynamo, making it easy for your reps to email this information to your customer.


Cloud based

No major hardware, infrastructure or technology expertise required.


User-friendly calendar

Keep track of all your appointments and your to-do list on the user-friendly calendar.

"Skynamo is an activity based system that record activities, it’s a live system that gives instant feedback and monitors sales calls and planning."

Skynamo voted Leader in Field Sales Software, as well as Easiest to Use and Best Usability by Customers!

Why Skynamo?


Offline access

All Skynamo functionality is accessible even when offline


Mobile first

Unlike applications that simply offer mobile access to their software, Skynamo has been developed specifically as an app for mobile devices, which means a superior experience for mobile users and access to all functionality - even offline.


Accurate orders

Integrations with a number of ERP and accounting packages

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