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 Nadia Levy

Very friendly. Went for training and it was really good.

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Everd Mostert Everd Mostert

Skynamo is a great app to help you plan and achieve your sales goals.

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Saligh Dollie

Very welcoming and a good training experience.

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The sales software that does the job of six tools

Mobile Analytics for Field Sales Apps - mobile sales app for reps


The mobile field sales app that keeps up with you wherever you go!

Submit live orders on the go, access real-time stock levels and pricing, and get instant reports.

Hit your sales targets, cut admin in half, and get freedom to do your core job.


Do you have visibility into your reps’ interactions with your customers? Stay in the know, while your team is on the road.

Get real-time access and insight into field sales activity, customer queries, and order placements as they happen, from anywhere, at any time.

sales app for managers - Rep Info
sales app for managers gains insights


With all your sales data in one place, you can easily answer the most important questions about performance.

Streamline your sales analytics with Skynamo’s AI to deliver exceptional results without requiring an analyst.


Reduce preventable losses by understanding your top customers and their purchase behaviours with predictive, pre-emptive insights.

Skynamo RADAR customer behaviour analysis
sales app for managers - Forecast Monthly Sales Overview - Skynamo The Field Sales App


Focus more on strategy rather than on reconciling spreadsheets.

You can forecast confidently with all your sales data integrated into Skynamo’s sales CRM.


Assess your team’s performance, understand why deals fail, and employ appropriate data-backed strategies.

Skynamo makes it possible for your team to follow through on its revenue goals.

sales app for managers gains insights

Designed to boost sales

Measurable results from the #1-rated field sales CRM

Skynamo customer relationships
Customer relationships
Skynamo icreases customer visits
Customer visits per month
drive revenue growth
Worth of closed deals / month
Skynamo ERP big circle

Connect seamlessly with your existing tech stack!

Skynamo’s integration team enables seamless integration with all your favourite tools. With over 700 successful integrations, our award-winning integrations team reduces risk and keeps your costs down.

Get your hands on award-winning software

Recognized as an industry leader in field sales, route planning and sales performance management software categories

More experience

At Skynamo, we believe our most advanced tech wears shoes. While we’re proud of our software, it’s our human touch that truly sets us apart. No hidden fees, no automated responses—just dedicated professionals eager to keep your sales team on the frontline of success. We grow as you grow, stand by you during challenges, offer tailored training, and always have your six. Because at the end of the day, while our sales tech is awesome, our people are unmatched.

More expertise

At Skynamo, we’re not just jacks of all trades—we’re masters of (most) industries. From bustling factories to quaint family businesses, from the clinks of wine glasses to the hum of heavy haulers, and from hearty farmers to suave distillers—whether you’re selling wine or peddling time, we’re your go-to crew. Why? Because your business is our jam! And we’re always listening.

More security

Your data’s not just digits—it’s dignity. And we treat it with top-tier respect, armed within our ISO-certified fortress of security. Because if it’s valuable to you, it’s vital to us. Insist on data defense that dazzles, insist on Skynamo.

More innovation

Within our purple walls, innovation isn’t just a buzzword; it’s our commitment to you. Our dedicated team tirelessly pioneers new features that ensures our product evolves with your needs. By harnessing the latest advances in technology and listening closely to customer feedback, we craft solutions and features that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Our goal? To empower your business with a sales tool that is as dynamic and forward-thinking as you are.

Real-life results and revenue

See how companies like yours smash their sales success goals with Skynamo

"We have all the information at our fingertips, and it’s a conversation of sales support, as opposed to questioning why something hasn’t been done or what’s been going on. You have the information before you go into a meeting."

Laurence Smale
Head of Sales, Cave Direct

"We have saved hours on admin and unnecessary rekeying of orders and mistakes. All of this allows us to serve our customers better, by freeing up our reps' time to concentrate on building those relationships."

Nadeem Ayyub
Director of Rockcliffe Group

"When comparing our achievements to that of industry colleagues who don't use Skynamo or who aren't using it optimally yet, we're certainly outperforming them."

Jannic Zietsman
Regional Sales Manager
Lionel's Vets

A bright sales future is just a click away

Tim happy customer

Understand your customers, your sales reps, and your next sales move, with Skynamo.

Enquire about your customised subscription and get all of these features in one easy-to-use application.

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