Mobile Analytics


If you are like most sales teams out there, you are competitive, analytical and achievement-oriented. Luckily, everything in sales is measurable, and when something is measurable it can motivate you to do better.  You just need to set up the right metrics from the data you acquire each day in order to reach your monthly targets.

Skynamo helps users to keep track of their daily activities and therefore enables them to plan better and make better decisions. To make it easier for you to keep track of your daily activities…

“…we are introducing a new feature that allows you to set up your
own weekly goals in order to celebrate long-term achievements.”

From now on, you can view the total of your weekly activities, as well as set your own goals against each one of them directly on the dashboard of your mobile device. (Make sure you have the latest version of Skynamo running on your mobile device.)

For this release, we are focusing on 4 weekly activities, namely:

1.  The
number of visits you have done
2. The
value of orders you have placed
3. The
value of quotes you have submitted
4. The
value of invoices sent to customers assigned to you





We are all about feedback from our users.

These are 4 basic activities you currently have available on your app and it is easy enough to make visible for you to see and set individual goals against. You can follow your progress and perhaps increase your goals each week to outperform your previous goals and constantly improve your planning and selling.

This is our first attempt to show analytics relevant to you on our mobile app, and to continuously improve on this feature, we need feedback from you - the user. Because we serve a lot of different industries and companies, it is challenging to implement a feature that will satisfy all our users’ needs.

And that’s the beauty of feedback. No one has the same KPI’s for their teams, neither do they have the same goals/visions as their competitors, and that’s why we only focus on these 4 basic activities; to be able to expand and develop further on analytics on our mobile apps to give you better information to reach OUR main goal: to help you

“plan better, make better sales and be more motivated
in your day-to-day activities”

No more phoning the office to find out how far you are from reaching your goals, now you can easily set your own goals on your mobile device and be the first one to celebrate.


Things to keep in mind.

  1. Remember, you need to upgrade to the latest version (v.2.0.32) of our app to be able to see these changes. Here’s how.
  2. These goals need to be setup by yourself. Only you can set them up on your own mobile device running Skynamo.
  3. You can change your goals whenever you want to.
  4. You can choose which activity you want to see on your dashboard.
  5. If you don’t have a goal, it’s okay. You can only view what you’ve done for the week as well. For now, it’s based on weekly targets.
  6. Please give use regular feedback by emailing us at