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Give your sales teams the tools they need to hit their numbers. Skynamo is the all-in-one field sales ordering app that gives sales clarity. Directly integrates with your ERP, makes live orders, automates reports, and increases revenue!

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Skynamo integrates with Syspro to provide field sales staff with access to the latest product, pricing, customer and stock information stored in Syspro while on the road via their mobile devices.  Improve the accuracy of data captured in the field: Sales reps can submit orders and update customer information in Sage while on the road or at a customer via their mobile devices.


Why choose Skynamo


Streamline Onsite Ordering

No more fiddling with your ERP, pen/paper, or excel for your onsite order submission.


Digital Product Catalogue

Reps can share product information and availability via a full-color digital product catalog on their mobile device. Check the latest stock, pricing, and product info on your mobile device.

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Automatically Updates ERP

That's right! Orders taken in the field will automatically update your inventory and order fulfillment on your Sage system. Less admin! More revenue!

What others say about Skynamo

"We were working on Syspro, and our reps had to come into the office to do quotes and go back out. With Skynamo, we are able to join it all up."

Charl Weber
National Product Specialist at Upat

"Skynamo has given us the complete pleasure of having a smooth and hassle-free order process where orders are imported and move through the system in the fastest way possible."

Director Robbie Frade
James Ralph

"Skynamo is used by 27 SafeTop sales managers, field sales reps, and merchandisers in multiple countries and is integrated with our Syspro ERP system."

Adele Norman
Retail General Manager at SafeTop

Features That Allow Sales Rep and Managers to Focus on Growth and Productivity

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  • Route Planning

    Find out where all your customers are located in relation to you, so you can plan your day better and reduce driving time. 

  • Task Management

    See which customer are overdue for a visit. Assign tasks to reps or let them assign tasks themselves to ensure customer visits are not missed.

  • On-site Order Capturing

    Increase accuracy and turn-around time on orders. Reps can access the latest product, pricing and inventory information, and submit orders on-site, even offline.

  • Digital Product Catalogue

    Reps can share product information and availability via a full-color digital product catalog on their mobile device.

  • Customer Engagement History

    Reps can carry full knowledge of all customer history even on inherited customer accounts, so they're always able to continue the conversation where they left off.

  • Customizable Forms

    Easily capture all required information during customer visits with customizable visit forms - e.g. audits, customer surveys, and scorecards.

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What do you get?


View pricing and promotions

Improve your service levels. Add tasks and associate them with specific customers.


Increase customer visits

Manage your sales team and ensure customers are visited regularly


Multiple warehouses

Sales reps have the ability to view stock levels and place orders through multiple warehouses


Accurate pricing

Your sales reps can access data stored in Sage while on the road. Giving them access to accurate pricing, product and inventory information


Off-line capabilities

Enable sales reps to submit accurate orders, quotes, credit requests and job cards while at a customer...even offline!


GPS tracking

GPS technology tracks sales rep activity and reduces administrative data entry for sales reps by recording activity and customer visits


Minimise turnaround time

Minimise turnaround time from orders to invoicing and increase cashflow


One version of customer data

Minimise data entry requirements for finance teams, improve accuracy of data and orders

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