No-tracking option in Skynamo

In aage where we are all more aware of the security of our personal information, we are a lot more conscious of what we share with apps on our devices.  Many sales managers and team leaders are also careful not to invade their team members’ privacy by tracking and micromanaging them all the time.  They want their teams to feel more in control of their own day without the feeling of being watched like a hawk.  Knowing that their every move isn’t monitored will likely free up your team’s capacity to focus on what is important: getting that sale in the bag. 

Why then does Skynamo have a tracking option? 

Skynamo’s use of GPS locations help you to be more productive in various ways.  Many of our users rely on GPS route tracking for their travel claims.  Customer locations can be used to show where the customers closest to you are and help you navigate to them most efficiently.  Location information can also be used to calculate the amount of time spent on the road to assist in better planning.

Up until now Skynamo offered three different settings for tracking:  

  • low accuracy for better battery usage, 
  • balanced for efficient tracking while still saving battery power,  
  • high accuracy to get the most accurate tracking with higher battery usage as a result.   

With the increasing awareness of user privacy we added a fourth option that turns off tracking. 

So, what does it mean to turn off tracking? 

When you select to turn off tracking your location is no longer stored, unless you log a visit.  Visit locations are used to report on onsite and offsite visits at your customers.  This means that no one will be able to see your live location or the route that you travelled during the day on any of the reports in Skynamo.  Even though we don’t save your location, we still need access to the location of your device to give you a smooth experience in terms of sorting the customer list to show the customers closest to you.  For travel claim purposes we only save the distance that you travelled for the day.   

By turning tracking off like this, we can ensure that you still have your privacy while being able to get the most out of Skynamo. 

For more information on how to change your tracking settings in Skynamo, please feel free to contact our support team at