Getting you set up and running on Skynamo

We’re excited to have you join us on this journey.
Below is an overview of the steps you’ll go through over the next few weeks to get you set up and running on Skynamo.

Phase 1

Customer Onboarding-01

Signing Up

(1 week)

1. Sign the contract

Sign the contract and send it
back to your Skynamo sales

Customer Onboarding-02
Customer Onboarding-03

2. Confirm payment

We’ll send you an invoice.
Just reply back with proof of

Phase 2

Customer Onboarding-04


(1 - 4 weeks)

1. Customer orientation meeting and welcome

This is where we officially welcome you to Skynamo, discuss your requirements in more detail to make sure your Customer Success Manager has a good understanding of what you will need to get the most out of Skynamo.

Customer Onboarding-05
Customer Onboarding-06

2. Project summary

After our orientation meeting, we’ll send you a summary of what we discussed along with important deadlines we need to meet to keep your setup on track and on time.

3. Data

We’ll need all your relevant company data so we can begin importing it into Skynamo.

Customer Onboarding-07
Customer Onboarding-08

4. Data check

Once we’ve imported your data, we’ll send configuration details on to our support team. If you don’t need integration, then setup should only take two weeks.

Please note Integration SLA: In some cases, you may need integration. If you select either Dropbox or standard integration, then setup can take about four weeks. If you need more advanced integration, setup could take a bit longer depending on how complex your integration is.

5. Training

Attend training or learn online via the Skynamo Academy to learn how to use Skynamo and become a pro.

Please make sure to use one email address per user. Users may not share email addresses and login details for security reasons.

Online Training - Sales App For Managers
Customer Onboarding-11

6. Get your credentials

We’ll send you your login details for you and your users.

Phase 3

**Go Live***

Your Customer Success Manager will be touching base with you every two weeks for the next six weeks to make sure you are getting the maximum benefit out of Skynamo for your business.


(6 - 8 weeks)

1. Adoption Meetings

We’ll do frequent adoption meetings with you over the next 6-8 weeks to ensure everything is on track.

Customer Onboarding-14

Your Customer Success Manager will remain with you for the duration of your contract as you progress into the Evolution Phase. They will conduct quarterly reviews with you to ensure your company continues to get the maximum benefit from Skynamo.

Now that you understand the process, we can’t wait to get started!


*All time frames are an indication only.