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Introducing Order AI

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Transform your ordering process with Skynamo's groundbreaking new text-to-order feature: Order AI

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The AI sales tool that makes B2B ordering effortless.

You know when you get a Whatsapp message or email from your customer with an order? The admin of turning conversation into a conversion is tedious. That is, when you remember to do it.

So, if you’re tired of paperwork, lost orders, and missed opportunities, then Skynamo Order AI is here to make it easier. Powered by cutting-edge AI, our intuitive solution lets your sales team turn emails, texts, and Whatsapps directly into orders from their phones.

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How it works

  1. Text received. Your email, Whatsapp, or SMS lands on your phone.
  2. Copy that. You simply copy the entire text, and paste it into Skynamo’s text-to-order feature.
  3. AI got this. The AI intuitively identifies the product, quantities, and populates the order directly into Skynamo.
  4. Text, Tap, Triumph. Your order is sent. And, if your ERP is integrated with Skynamo, it lands directly in your ERP.

Experience the power of Order AI

Skynamo boosts efficiency

Boost efficiency

Streamline your sales process and empower your team to work smarter, not harder


Reduce errors

Eliminate manual data entry mistakes and ensure accurate orders every time

Skynamo's text-to-order: Improve customer experience

Improve customer experience

Provide a seamless, convenient ordering experience that delights your customers

drive revenue growth

Increase sales

Close deals faster and never miss an opportunity again