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Bridging the trust gap that's sabotaging UK field sales

This report seeks to highlight the challenge areas, and make suggestions on what can be done to improve trust in our sales organisations.  Our survey of more than 250 UK field sales professionals has revealed some eye-opening insights on what gets in the way of selling, what reps spend their time on and why sales people remain so deeply mistrusted by their customers and employers. 

We detail where relationships, data and technology get in the way of sales performance and create a divisive trust gap that prevents sales people from selling and building better relationships with their managers and customers. 

Key findings include:

* 44% of respondents agreed that, in general, sales reps and sales managers don’t trust each other

* 35% agree that this is in part because their manager has poor visibility of what they do every day

* 54% of respondents agreed that, in general, customers don’t trust salespeople.


“Skynamo enabled me to be more involved in the field with my reps. I can help them navigate difficulties out there, coaching them from the back office while they visit customers. I no longer need to ask ‘negative’ questions to check up on them, but rather ask ‘positive’ questions to help them sell better. The transparency created by Skynamo means that trust is bred within the sales team, not only between me and the reps, but also among the reps themselves.”

Christoff Sonnekus

Sales Manager, Triangle Lubricants

Learn more about the trust gap in sales, explore how you can overcome the areas of friction in your organisation and give your sales people more time to actively sell.

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