Upgrade to get access to more features

Because you are currently on Team Edition, you are restricted to some of the awesomeness we provide our customers. If you upgrade to our Business Edition you will get access to:

  • Multiple Forms – To get better and more focused information from your customers, you need more forms. Create unlimited custom forms - per user, per customer group, per industry. Do what you want with them. Horaaay!
  • Multiple Price lists – You can choose between having a minimum price list or maximum price list to give your reps more freedom to get that sale, but still guiding them on the way.
  • Calendar Integrations You can connect your personal calendar (Google or Outlook) to Skynamo to have complete visibility of all of your events in the Skynamo Calendar view.

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Team Tier

You are currently on

Team Edition

Great for small businesses who only require basic CRM details and history.

Our Team Edition customers receive ‘one-click’ integration for Xero or Sage One and manual import for all other packages.

Business tier

Business Edition

Great for medium to large businesses who require multiple price lists, deals, promos and contract pricing as well as warning prices and price limits.

Our Business Edition customers receive a dedicated key accounts manager as well as standard template integration with partnering accounting packages and ERP systems at additional cost.

Enterprise tier

Enterprise Edition

 Great for  businesses who require additional features such as merchandising, multilingual customisation and multi-region instance reporting.

Our Enterprise Edition customers receive everything included in our Business Edition plus extended hours support outside business hours as well as customised training and training materials.

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