12 great apps that Skynamo employees love – 3min read

We’re not only known as “the app people” but also as “app people”. As developers of the field sales software, we specialise in a mobile sales app, yet we appreciate other applications that simplify and enhance everyday experiences. Here are some of our staff’s favourites.


On the road

1. Waze is a GPS navigation app. Some go as far as to call it, “Google Maps on steroids”. It provides turn-by-turn navigation information, user-submitted travel times and route details, along with location-dependent information.

“I cannot live without Waze, because regardless of where I travel, Waze has me navigating like a local!” – Candice Geraghty (Partner Account Manager)


2. Android Auto

An easy way to connect your Android phone to your car display. It allows you to tap to get driving directions or talk to send a text.

“It’s the best way to interface safely and legally with my phone while driving.” – Wim Morris (COO)


3. Admyt

Think ticketless, immediate access to parking bays. When you arrive at a shopping mall, the boom automatically opens, and no card is required. When you leave, it automatically calculates how long you have been at the mall and deducts the parking cost from your account.

“The boom ‘magically’ opens as you leave! You can also add ‘cars’ and ‘devices’ to the app, so that family members using other phones/cars can connect to your account. The only downside I see so far is that not many malls have signed up and installed the necessary car licence plate reader hardware yet.” – Nabeel Parker (Integration Specialist)

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Less sales admin and Increased sales.


At the office

4. Polite

Don’t let your phone interrupt you when it should be quiet. With Polite, your phone will automatically go into silent mode (or vibrate mode) at the right times. You can choose specific times in your weekly schedule to automatically enter silent mode. You can also have your phone enter silent mode during calendar events in your calendar app.

“It helps me to be polite in meetings by automatically muting my phone and enforces quiet times at home. Great for switching off.” – Wim Morris (COO)


5. DocuSign

Electronically sign, prepare, act on, and manage agreements to deliver great experiences for your customers and employees.

“It’s a straightforward way to sign, initial or even complete a PDF from scratch. Especially when you’re unable (or too lazy ) to print or scan a document. I don’t use it too often, but it does make life easier when I need it. – Nabeel Parker (Integration Specialist)


6. Text Fairy 

Text Fairy is an image to text converter. It allows you to take pictures of text in magazines or academic journals and then converts it into an easily readable format. You can then edit the text, export it as a PDF, send it to other apps, or convert text to speech.

“I’ve been studying a pastoral counselling course, and this has been so helpful for me to copy and paste enormous amounts of work to summarise in my own words. It’s also super helpful when a customer sends you a fax, and you can copy and paste it into a Word document, edit it, and send the necessary changes back to them.” – Catherine Naudé (Business Development Manager)


7. Receipt Bank

It’s the easy way to capture paper receipts, electronically. It’s no longer necessary to hang onto loose papers or fear losing out on an expense claim.

“Claiming back has never been easier. Just snap a quick picture of the receipt and the app extracts all the important information and sends it to the finance department.” – Nabeel Parker (Integration Specialist)




8. TrueCaller

“There’s nothing more annoying than receiving a call while you are on the road, only for you to realise the person on the other end is trying to sell you another life policy. TrueCaller really helps me to block these spam numbers. Simple!” – Gilbert Thies (Business Development Manager)


9. Headspace

A mindfulness app that makes meditation simple. It provides meditation and mindfulness skills in just a few minutes a day.

“It changed how my mind perceives life.” – Diederik Hattingh (Senior Software Developer)


10. Telegram

Wim Morris (COO), who always keeps data security front and centre, insists that everybody should start using Telegram instead of WhatsApp by 2020, as it’s one way to avoid Facebook’s spying. “But maybe it’s just my sentiments,” he adds rather diplomatically.

Gilbert Thies (Business Development Manager) agrees that it’s a must “for quick messaging, while you’re on the road,” highlighting the benefits he enjoys form being able to send voice messages while travelling.


11. Life360

Life360 syncs your family into a private, invite-only circle. Planning and co-ordinating your daily schedule is simplified. Location sharing allows you to view each other’s recent and real-time whereabouts. Plus, get alerts if anyone’s phone is running low on battery.

“This is great, as my husband and I each have two phones and we will soon add my son, who’s going to high school. It’s been amazing for our relationship, ensuring we’re ready for and available to one other when we get home from somewhere.” – Catherine Naudé (Business Development Manager)


12. Shazam

Shazam helps you name any song in seconds. Simply let the app listen to music playing around you, to be provided with its title, name of the artist, and more helpful information.

“Being a sales rep who spends most of my time on the road, music is key to me. That’s why I love Shazam. I don’t always know who the artist is, or what the song name is that I’m listening to. Shazam helps me to get this information, and seamlessly save the song in my playlist!” – Gilbert Thies (Business Development Manager)



Any other apps that you rely on to navigate through your daily tasks and activities?



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