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Keeping track of valuable customer info through a CRM database

Keeping track of valuable customer info through a CRM database

The presence or absence of customers often determines the success of a company. While having more customers doesn’t necessarily equal success, customer loyalty does. Customer loyalty is a hallmark of successful customer relationship management (CRM).

Staying on top of the success of your business requires knowing everything about your customers’ wants and needs. Because of this, you need a CRM database to manage this treasure trove of information.

5 Reasons to start using a B2B sales order app

5 Reasons to Start using a B2B sales order app

If you own a buy-and-sell business, chances are you’ve probably run into a sales order before. A sales order is a document used to confirm the price, quantity, delivery date, and features of the products and services purchased through a sale. B2B sales ordering is beneficial to sellers because it helps them track both their inventory and buyer orders.

How field sales teams can benefit from Sage and sales apps

How field sales teams can benefit from Sage and sales apps

Having access to information while out on the field is an invaluable resource for salespeople. Yet, until recently, they didn’t have the luxury of cloud computing. Instead, they often had to burn time and money getting pricing and inventory details from the office. Once back at headquarters, employees had to re-enter the order details into the computer manually.

4 keys to developing lasting B2B relationships with industry distributors

4 Keys to Developing Lasting B2B Relationships With Industry Distributors

No matter whether it’s B2B or B2C, relationships can be difficult to manage. Manufacturers working with distribution partners sometimes have difficulty aligning goals that sit askance from one another. Maintaining brand consistency as products move through complex distribution networks can prove to be an additional frustration.

The importance of data in creating sales success

The importance of data in creating sales success

Creating sales success is easy when the data is captured and interpreted smartly. Monitoring analytics closely allows sales teams to refine their strategies and target key areas. In fact, in a recent survey of more than 1,000 sales organizations around the world, McKinsey found that 53% of those that are “high performing” describe themselves as prolific and effective users of analytics.

B2B sales trends to look out for in 2022

There have been a series of seismic business shifts over the past couple of years, but one area has endured: Sales Trends. That said, the need for creativity and resourcefulness is becoming increasingly important for sales and marketing teams to be successful as a new year beckons.

The food and beverage industry says it has no clarity – REPORT

The Food and Beverage Industry Says It Has No Clarity

Skynamo – the leading provider of field sales technology – carried out extensive research recently. Spanning hundreds of manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors around the world, all with field sales teams, several pertinent challenges and successes were revealed over the course of 2021.