Ethitech Catches a Fresh Wave of Team Spirit at Sun City, thanks to Skynamo

Skynamo and Ethitech sales conference

Skynamo recently caught up with Keegan Hall, Head of Marketing and Product at Ethitech, to hear how winning the Skynamo-sponsored sales event has impacted their national team.


Ethitech – a South African distributor of medical technology – are the proud winners of the competition held earlier this year. Skynamo offered to pay R50,000 towards a sales conference as our contribution to rebuilding the South African economy after the devastating effects of the pandemic. Ethitech was the South African winner out of many entrants from across the country, and they whisked away 22 of their admin, marketing, management, and sales staff members to enjoy the sparkling waters of Sun City.

“This was the first time we’d been together as a team, face-to-face, since March 2020,” said Keegan. “It was amazing seeing members of our sales team from Cape Town, Gauteng, PE and KZN, all in one place again!”

The team was treated to two nights away at Sun City. The first day of the event was used for the conference, and the remaining time was focused on much-needed team building towards reuniting and fostering stronger team spirit. This included fun in the sun in the Valley of the Waves, an optional spa treatment or segway tour, culminating in a team dinner on the final night.

This time away also gave sales members a chance to celebrate some of their success stories, and to brainstorm solutions to common challenges.

Ethica event

The results?

“The impact of this conference and team building event is still being felt,” said Keegan, “with everyone from management to staff displaying much higher team morale than we’ve felt since the beginning of the pandemic.”

Skynamo’s Michelle Martignone, Enterprise Customer Success Manager, was able to join the sales event. “It was great to meet the Ethitech team in real life,” said Michelle. “The team is dynamic and even more so after the event, and I am so glad we are part of their story.”

“If we did not win this competition I don’t think we would have gone to the effort of putting this conference together,” concludes Keegan. “For that, I am so grateful to Skynamo, for allowing us to regroup, reconnect, and rekindle the sales fires.”


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