Mobility, BYOD and Big Data – Making the most of 2015

Throughout 2014 you must have heard these terms repeatedly mentioned, and for good reason. The mobility, BYOD and big data trends have reshaped the business landscape, and will continue to do so.

With 2014 drawing swiftly to a close, here is what to expect in 2015, with tips on how to approach it:


Mobility in the workplace has prolifically increased. Data is often stored across several devices which each seem to perform different functions. Smartphones, iPods, tablets, laptops and desktop computers all contribute to creating a significant challenge for collecting fragmented data.

  • Cloud Storage – Cloud storage ensures that all devices have access to the same information, whether you are the sales manager or the sales executive, both have access to the same information across all platforms, in real time. It also is much cheaper than hosting your own servers, and not so reliant on Eskom’s power supply.
  • Integrated Systems – Invest in a good sales management system. This will enable you to empower both sales managers and their sales forces. A complete management solution can not only decrease time wasted on admin, but add value in ways never before even imagined. Use technology to your advantage!
  • Empower your sales force – A good sales management system should empower your business in every facet, from the person in the field to the manager in the office. Greater transparency, efficiency, communication and simplicity will empower employees by overcoming the limits of existing systems.


Initially, bringing your own device seemed to be a necessary evil, today, it is an indispensable advantage. Companies cannot function without the use of smartphones and tablets anymore, and it becomes too expensive and impractical to provide each employee with a new, company device.

  • Embrace BYOD – Encourage use of own devices by offering to contribute to the cost of the device. Employees already need to have their own smartphones / tablets for personal use, by contributing to the cost you not only reduce the amount of devices, but you reduce fragmentation and promote efficiency.
  • Secure Your Data – Obviously your company data is of paramount importance, it is therefore a good idea to invest in a program that protects your data across several devices, while still allowing ease of use.

Big Data

We are currently in the information age. It has become easy to capture vast amounts of data, however, we are not always perfectly equipped to make sense of it.

  • Choose your metrics – This may seem simple, but many companies make the mistake of pursuing data just for the sake of it instead of gathering specific, relevant information.
  • Translate to useful information – The value of raw data that can be translated into simple, measurable and useful information is incalculable. It could lead to dramatic increases in productivity and efficiencies, and offer incredible new insights into your business. 

Having a system that can offer all of the above is not only possible, but surprisingly affordable for the value it can offer. Mobility, BYOD and big data has changed the business environment and will continue to do so. It has enabled unprecedented productivity and efficiency. So go ahead and make the most of 2015, and don’t get left in the wake of progress!