Modern Sales Management

When talking about the “modern office”, it is important to note that the term encompasses far more than the latest PC, having generators and UPS systems to combat the semi-regular power cuts, or having all your data synched to the cloud. The modern office extends far beyond the physical boundaries of your headquarters, into the daily movements of your employees.

This has become especially pronounced in businesses that employ sales forces. Sales teams have an increasing need to be connected to the office. It is not enough anymore to make a phone call and wait for someone to search through hundreds of files for the necessary information, or to send an email to an administrator with an inbox filled with unread emails. The modern sales team needs instant, accurate information, whether they are in the office, or at a client.

No matter how “modern” your office equipment is, no matter how much RAM your PC has or how fast your new ADSL line is, it will mean nothing if there is no sales management system in place to gather, order and make available useful information for management and the sales team.

Traditionally, it was acceptable to carry around loads of paperwork and then to spend at least one day a week on admin. Fortunately, this is now a thing of the past. Customers expect instant service, and that sales reps have complete knowledge about each individual product, along with stock levels and any other relevant information. Sales managers also expect their sales teams to be accountable to the business, and to be in constant communication with them. It becomes quite clear that the modern office needs a radical change in the way it operates.

Thankfully, technology has come to our aid. With modern sales management systems it is possible to harness the power of mobility, to empower both management and sales teams alike with powerful tools to compete in the modern business environment. Sales management solutions such as Honeybee do just that, by focusing on simplifying sales and creating greater transparency.

It is possible to gain more effective control of a sales force, while simultaneously empowering them and automating truly boring and redundant admin functions. This is the core focus of the modern office, using technology to empower both management and employees, by simplifying processes, creating more openness and transparency, and automating functions which take up valuable employee time, which can now be more productively spent elsewhere.