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How to choose the right KPI Management Solution – 5min read

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) provide your business with a measure of how well it’s tracking against its strategic objectives. They are important but can be damaging to business success if not properly managed. Here are key features and benefits to look for in a KPI management software solution.

What does sales professionalism look like? – 3min read

Professionalism in a team environment requires more than commonly expected behaviours, etiquette and mannerisms. We heard from a few customers how our mobile sales app helps them deliver a consistently professional service because of greater transparency, better communication and increased collaboration.

Is your sales team future-ready? – 4min read

Selling is increasingly pushed to purely digital channels and while it’s enhancing efficiency, it’s also removing the heart of selling: trust. Using the right kind of sales technology can play a crucial role in restoring trust between people.