Skynamo online user training: enjoy the full benefits of our mobile sales app – 1min read

Sales reps are often expected to do wonders with new sales tech without easy access to regular product training. Skynamo’s Online learning portal, Skynamo Academy, provides easy access to great training material.



Tech training is key to sales success


Recent research of ours highlighted the reality that over a third of sales reps feel technology is “more of a hinderance than a help” to their selling efforts. We uncovered that most of these reps rely heavily on ‘low-tech’ that’s not conducive to sales success, while proven solutions are readily available.


In our recent piece on how to overcome new tech resistance in your sales team, we stressed the importance of providing your sales team with all the support they need to use the tools they’re given.


Simply throwing sales tools at your team and expecting them to do wonders with it without providing the right resources and training is setting them up for failure.


Proper (and regular) training is crucial to being able to effectively and powerfully use the tools they’re given to achieve sales success.



Training at your fingertips


At Skynamo, we’re not simply committed to deliver a mobile sales solution that’s changing the sales conversation but also to empower users to enjoy the full benefits this sales tool can offer.


Skynamo offers regular training and refresher sessions to ensure that field sales reps enjoy the full benefits the mobile app provides from automated call reports, to on the go order placement and easy access to customer details and history.


While many of our training sessions happen on site at locations, our online LMS platform provides easy access to everything you need to know – Anywhere! Anytime!


Contact our training team at any time to find out more at or visit our platform at




Download the full UK Trust Gap Report to learn more about how technology friction is hindering sales success and how Skynamo’s mobile sales solution overcomes this hinderance.


Skynamo Field Sales Transparency Gap Report