Strengthening customer relationships

The importance of adopting new technologies in business has significantly increased in the past decade. Today, however, technology is still believed, by some, to be the cause of diminishing customer relationships. A popular argument is that hiding behind screens – be it computer, smartphone or otherwise – are causing relationships to become less intimate. Customer relationships are extremely important to enterprises, as these create value for both parties involved and therefore it is vital to make use of modern tools to maintain and build on such relationships.

Here is how to strengthen relationships and how the use of technology might come in handy.


1. Keep lines of communication open:

It is critical that customers have an easy and open line of communication to the business, allowing them to raise questions or issue requests with little effort. An updated and user friendly website with a clear “contact us” section will set customers at ease and help maintain loyalty.


2. Respond quickly:

Customers don’t want to wait. Waiting is stressful. Quick response times are key to keeping customers happy and maintaining a strong relationship. Technology helps facilitate easy and quick communication between customer and business. An ‘instant chat’ website feature, for example, allows customers to communicate directly with a representative without having to wait for an email reply or call back.


3. Ask for the customer’s opinion:

By including the customer in processes related to them, firms can both draw from their insights and make them feel valued. Conducting online surveys is an easy way of gathering customer feedback without taking too much of their time. Making the customer part of the solution will help gain their support.


4. Interact regularly:

Regular interaction with one’s customers is very important and nothing beats a good old face to face meeting. Keeping up to date with visits and making sure that all of your customers are being serviced regularly can be made much easier with modern CRM systems and mobility solutions. Such solutions help ensure that market facing staff are held accountable for regular customer contact. Beyond this, social media is a powerful tool to be used to interact with customers. Regular page updates and information sharing keeps customers informed and interested.


Modern technology provides the capability to respond directly to customer requests as well as provide a highly interactive, customised experienced, and has given enterprises a greater ability today to establish, nurture, and sustain long term customer relationship than ever before.