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Four things you can do right now to increase trust within your sales organisation

Trust is important in sales. Yeah, we know, a bit of an obvious statement to start with. But we aren’t talking about the need for trust from the consumer, which is very important. Instead, we’re talking about the importance of trust between you and your sales team – which is critical to collaboration and improving sales performance.

Three data tech trends that will help grow your business

1. Using a mobile data collection tool:

Every bit of data gathered by teams in the office and in the field, from orders placed to routes travelled, has the potential to be very valuable to your business. Having access to the right data can shed light on where and why teams are under-performing and how this may be corrected. Therefore, capturing data in an accurate and timely fashion is very important. Effectively analysing this data is a challenge on its own, and all too often one that is overlooked.

Modern Sales Management

When talking about the “modern office”, it is important to note that the term encompasses far more than the latest PC, having generators and UPS systems to combat the semi-regular power cuts, or having all your data synched to the cloud. The modern office extends far beyond the physical boundaries of your headquarters, into the daily movements of your employees.

Top tips to make 2015 your year for sales

Sales is a tough game. It takes a lot to motivate yourself to get out there every day and to make sales, and to remain competitive in such a rapidly changing business landscape. On the one side you are fighting off the competition that encroach on your territory, while on the other you are confronted by increasingly fickle consumers, who are always right. I have therefore decided to compile a list of the top 5 tips I have learnt from high-performing salespeople to help you make 2015 your year for sales. Although some may seem obvious, it is still surprising how often these simple tips are forgotten and how much of a difference it makes when applied…