4 ways to use your time effectively with Skynamo


Pushed for time? Feel like there are never enough hours in the day? Relax. With the help of Skynamo, our mobile sales app, you can dramatically boost productivity – regaining control and freeing up precious time.


Our recent survey found that field sales teams spend 7 hours a week on admin – that’s almost 1 full work day spent performing admin tasks, when they could be out there selling! Users find that face time with customers increases by 15-25% within 3 months of introducing Skynamo, with conversion rates up by more than 15%. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Read on for more ways you can maintain maximum productivity and achieve the best possible results with free time realised by using Skynamo:


  • More time to research

With more time on your hands, you can spend more time on your client base and reach more potential customers throughout the day. As we know, preparing and planning is essential in striking the right chord with a client, so why not spend this time researching the customers you might need to know some more about?

Skynamo offers a field sales mobile app that gives you access to all the information you need at your fingertips. This shows confidence and calm in a sales pitch when a potential customer has an enquiry, as well as avoiding a scramble around files for that key piece of information.


  • Identify the most fitting leads

Everyone likes to feel important and one of the best ways to win over a customer is to show them that you value them, they have your full attention and you’ve taken time to do your research. But how could you possibly achieve this if you’re having to spend so much time on paperwork? With our field sales app you are able to keep all your information in one place, providing you with an easily accessible, detailed insight on all your potential customers that is available wherever and whenever, you need it. 


  • Set achievable targets

By having more time between sales, you are actually able to look towards the future instead of jumping from sales pitch to sales pitch without having time to think! This gives you a chance to map out your sales pitches for the week, or even month, so you can keep on top of all the appointments that will quickly fill up a busy schedule.

Our field sales application allows you to track your own statistics so you can see what reasonable targets you will be able to set yourself for the future. In sales, there is always room to progress, and with this new found free time it should be at the forefront of your thinking.


  • Self-evaluate

As well as looking towards the future, your free time can be spent analysing your past results and evaluating how you think you have performed. With more data in your arsenal, you can step back and review your performance for patterns, savings and improvements. Self-reflection is something that sales reps are guilty of overlooking, as often they don’t get time to think about their own techniques until they are at home, the one place where work should be the last thing on their mind!

Skynamo has lots of ways to store data that can be analysed in any way you desire. This can show you what sales were a success and the ones that didn’t work so well, allowing you to perfect your sales technique in no time.

Skynamo help sales teams communicate more clearly and increase sales


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