What do reps tune into on the road? – 1min read

How do field reps stay entertained in traffic or while travelling to a customer who’s an hour or more away? Do they tune into music or talk radio? Or, do they prefer listening to a podcast or getting lost in the plot of an audio book instead?


We mentioned that a sales rep’s car is probably the most important space they spend time in each day. It’s their office on wheels, where they de-stress and recharge between customer visits. With the right sales tools they’ll use that time on the road to complete daily admin tasks, plan ahead and sharpen their skills. That’s why we suggested 6 ways to turn your car into the ultimate rep-mobile.

What do field reps prefer to listen to on the road?

It appears from our survey of 400 field sales professionals in South Africa and the UK that music is by far what most people prefer to tune into on the road. A good amount of reps also enjoy listening to talk radio shows while only a minority spend some of their drive time listening to audio books and podcasts.

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