Case study

G Fox

G. Fox was founded 50 years ago, and is a trusted supplier to more than 12,000 South African companies. All the workwear they sell is manufactured in its state-of-the-art Eswatini factory and designed, made and finished to the company’s exacting standards, and then it’s up to the sales team to move that stock to existing and current customers.

How Skynamo helped a PPE company to get organized

Moving from a manual system to Skynamo’s field sales app has helped G. Fox to have far better insight into its sales team’s activities, as well as streamlining the sales process.

How Skynamo increases access to critical information

Sales manager Craig Behrmann says using Skynamo has given the sales team great visibility on their customer sales.

We wanted to be able to provide our sales reps with the information they needed,” he says about choosing Skynamo. “Our sales guys couldn’t see stock. They couldn’t see prices. They couldn’t see orders. They couldn’t see any of this, so they were continually phoning the office about products and codes and it was unbearable for everyone.”

Now, he says, everyone has the information they need at the touch of a button. “We’ve got the information, all the customer notes are on Skynamo, we’ve got sales histories now. We’ve generated reports so you can see the last 24 months’ worth of sales for the sales guys. From our side, you can see how many customers are being seen, who’s not being seen, and so on.”


When Skynamo was first introduced to the sales team, he says there were some reservations by the sales reps to use it. “And now they can’t work without it. When they don’t get a report and they can’t get in, all hell breaks loose.

“Skynamo helped to remind the sales reps to visit the customer, and gave us visibility of which customers were being serviced. Before Skynamo, I had no idea.”

He says it helps reps on visits to see what customers have and haven’t bought, what they’ve ordered, and what accounts are on hold. They can also see any past comments and have all their customer lists in one area. “Imagine going from literally nothing to having everything in front of you,” he says.

As a manager, he says he can see correlations  between visits and sales. “From a reporting point of view, I guess one of the big things it’s shown is where we spend our time – is it on customer visits, prospecting and admin? When it comes to Skynamo, I’m completely sold. It’s an absolutely brilliant product. It’s just mind-blowing how revolutionary it’s been.

“It’s also improved our quoting and response time. So now instead of us sending an email to our internal sales department, we can do a quote in front of the customer.”

The value of instant reporting and greater control

From a management perspective, Craig says of Skynamo, “I could never live without it.” A big factor for him is the reporting functionality. “The reports that we’ve developed and that we use, from a daily call report to a customer coverage report … You’ve got everything you need.”

“I feel like I’m in complete control!” he says. “Because you’ve got every single thing you need. With Skynamo, I can tell you everything about this business. I can tell you about customer visits, about what they said. From how many times we’ve visited, to how many quotes we’ve done, to how many orders we’ve done, to conversion, to products – I can tell you everything. So Skynamo is part of our software team that is critical to our business.

"I love speaking about Skynamo. I could literally talk about it for days,” he says. It’s just mind-blowing how brilliant it is."

The sense of having greater control has made all the difference, he says. He can identify issues as they crop up, and deal with them immediately. “For example – and this has happened more than once – we had 19 visits to a customer who hadn’t placed an order in two years. And we had 15 quotes that had gone out to them. I asked the rep about it. He thought he was giving customer service by quoting the customer and going to visit him. And so it identified to us that this was a waste of time.

“These are the types of things that you can easily identify when you look at your customer coverage report. And then on the other hand, we had a customer – our biggest,  in terms of sales revenue – and they hadn’t had one visit in six months. It makes those issues stand out easily.”

Another time-saver has been moving away from reps submitting handwritten call reports, since Skynamo automates these. “The call reports were sporadic before and increased admin time for the sales reps.” he says.

Craig’s enthusiasm for the app is obvious: “I love speaking about Skynamo. I could literally talk about it for days,” he says. It’s just mind-blowing how brilliant it is.”