GPS tracking and achieving Transparency

Skynamo uses GPS tracking to automate tasks for sales teams and reduce their admin.

It also provides managers and their teams with valuable insights that enable them to make better decisions.

But it also creates transparency.


Collaboration and innovation begin with transparency

GPS tracking is the catalyst for changing the conversation between sales managers and sales reps from one focused on answering  questions such as “Whom have you seen?” and "What have you done?" to questions focused more on helping teams improve sales performance.

Transparency is the foundation of our feature set, because once you achieve trust in your sales organisation, you can focus on improvements that drive efficiency and innovation. Skynamo features are designed with this in mind: to collect and provide the data (transparency) that automate administrative tasks (efficiency) and provide the insights that help you and your team make smarter decisions (innovation).

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Triangle without customer comments

Transforming your Sales Organisation through Transparency


Sales Environment

Transformed from one of uncertainty to one of trust and collaboration.


Sales Teams

Sales teams can move from being order-takers to trusted advisers to their customers by being empowered and equipped to provide customers with the accurate information and valuable insights that ultimately help their customers buy more.


Sales Managers

Managers can move from micro-managing to coaching their sales teams and instilling a sense of self-direction and innovation.