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Field sales reps using our mobile sales app for the wine and spirits industry are able to plan better both as a team and individually and their conversation rates will improve as they have the ability to share information and best practices.

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Pure visibility to make the data-driven decisions

Skynamo allows your reps to quickly and accurately record information with the forms function to ensure you have your customers orders 100% correct and all the data you need to make your informed decisions.

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Get the best blend of planning and efficiency

With Skynamo you can receive information from managers. Know where your reps are, how best to communicate with them at the time and send through all the information you need for them to close that next prospect.

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Refreshing changes to route planning to help your reps efficiency

Skynamo allows your reps to plan their routes and day-to-day activities ahead of time to ensure maximum efficiency and time management. Reduce the unnecessary admin or working from the office and work from your car, customers store, home and work while your competitors try and catch up.


Smooth integration with your ERP

With Skynamo you are easily able to integrate your ERP systems to ensure seamless software efficiency. Skynamo is partnered with over 30 different ERP systems to ensure we’ve got you covered.

Key Skynamo Features

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Reduce lost sales

Reduce lost sales due to items being out-of-stock or expired.

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Increase sales

Skynamo Mobile Sales App provides field sales reps will accurate product, pricing and customer information at all times via their mobile device - even offline.


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A strong mobile presence enables your team to face difficult questions and choices with more data and confidence in decisions.

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Cloud based

No major hardware, infrastructure or technology expertise required.

"Daily visits nearly tripled because of the transparency provided by Skynamo. We have been able to assist our reps in doing more daily visits as we are able to help them plan their routes better."

Skynamo voted Leader in Field Sales Software, as well as Easiest to Use and Best Usability by Customers!

Why Skynamo is better

Works offline

Offline access

All Skynamo functionality is accessible even when offline

Mobile First

Mobile first

Unlike applications that simply offer mobile access to their software, Skynamo has been developed specifically as an app for mobile devices, which means a superior experience for mobile users and access to all functionality - even offline.

Accurate orders

Accurate orders

Integrations with a number of ERP and accounting packages

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