5 Industries that benefit greatly from mobile ordering apps

5 Industries that benefit greatly from mobile ordering apps

The pandemic changed the way we live, work, and conduct business. This is particularly true for the restaurant industry. While most businesses were forced to close their doors indefinitely, restaurants and other food and beverage establishments were able to survive – thanks to mobile ordering apps. The ability to order food online granted safety and convenience to customers. Though other industries have reopened their doors to resume business as normal, customers still hugely appreciate the benefits of their beloved mobile ordering apps. The best part of it all? Customers and the restaurant industry are far from the only winners. Here are five industries benefitting from the mobile ordering era as we speak. 

Top industries benefiting from a sales ordering system

Food and beverage

Believe it or not, the food and beverage industry experienced the biggest total average order value increase in 2022. Pre-pandemic, the industry largely relied on in-store and over-the-phone orders. Having to adapt overnight, the industry established new ways of doing business. Mobile ordering apps offered customers convenience while allowing businesses to expand their reach and better serve their communities.

Building materials and hardware

Open-ended quarantine periods led many homeowners to consider and invest in major home renovations. This increase in demand meant contractors needed to become more efficient. Ordering materials has historically been a time-consuming, error-prone task, as it relied on manual processes. Now, however, building material and hardware companies rely on mobile ordering apps to better coordinate their distribution activities.


Sales reps in the apparel industry use mobile apps to create and send proposals, track their inventory, and schedule meetings with clients. The reps also use these systems to upload product photos and detailed information about each product for customers to access from the comfort of their own homes. Better-informed consumers are more likely to experience higher customer satisfaction – keeping them coming back for more.

Beer, wine, and spirits

The beer, wine, and spirits industry has historically relied on face-to-face sales. Though effective, these in-person efforts left sales reps struggling to manage their accounts. Now equipped with a mobile sales order entry​ system, reps can view their assigned territories and order inventory entirely remotely. They can also receive incoming orders from customers and log them instantly. In addition to improving speed and accuracy, mobile sales ordering streamlines the process for customers by allowing them to track orders from their smartphones.

Chemicals and paint

Chemical and paint sales reps deal with complex product specifications. A sales ordering system allows them to keep all of this information in one place. This enables sales reps to handle difficult customer questions on the spot without needing to follow up – saving time and earning them credibility. The system also stores customer information, which empowers reps to customize each interaction. Furthermore, a mobile ordering system allows teams to take orders out on the field from their smartphone or tablet. This on-demand, hassle-free process optimizes the sales process and therefore boosts the overall customer experience.


Benefits of a sales ordering system

Mobile sales ordering systems help sales teams to sell more while improving speed and streamlining the ordering process. With a mobile sales ordering system, your sales reps can order inventory, receive order confirmations, track inventory levels, and view reports – all from their handheld devices. Believe it or not, these benefits are just the tip of the iceberg:

Offers a convenient way to place orders

Mobile ordering systems make it easier for customers to place orders and manage their accounts. This means that customers can order products without relying on a sales rep –  saving everyone time.

Syncs information in real-time, across all platforms

Mobile ordering apps sync information from one platform to another. This enables every vendor, customer, and team member to have access to the latest information they need to make business and buying decisions. With these systems, companies can make more informed decisions to send profits soaring.

Helps sales teams with insightful reports

Mobile ordering software provides reports to help sales teams make better business decisions. They can use such software to generate reports based on customer profiles, product lines, territory, and other pertinent sales criteria.

Sales managers can also generate reports to determine how well their sales team is performing, as well as which products are flying off the shelves and which aren’t. Knowledge is power!

Updated GPS technology allows easy order tracking

Mobile ordering apps also track orders from start to finish. This information enables the sales rep to respond to issues that may arise before they ever reach the customer. Sales ordering software also allows reps to enable notifications to alert them when orders reach a certain stage. This heads-up reminds reps to take action and follow up when shipments reach their intended destination.

Flexible payment options

Sales order apps allow sales reps to accept payment in the form of credit cards, checks, and cash. This flexibility puts the customer and their convenience first, right where they should be. Your team has worked hard to get that customer to the point of payment. Don’t block your own sales funnel by restricting accepted forms of payment.

Fast and easy communication between sales team members

Sales order management software allows teams to communicate with clients, partners, and vendors in real-time. From the moment a lead is generated, the system allows team members to communicate with each other, track the status of each deal, and instantly access critical updates.


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